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CoLaz Aesthetics Clinic CoLaz makes you feel sexy, smooth and confident!

CoLaz Aesthetics franchise provides opportunities for those who want to work in a stable and rewarding profession within the aesthetics industry, with our low cost of entry compared to other brands!

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After a struggling Covid-19 pandemic period, the hair, beauty and aesthetics industry has bounced back, and with it, CoLaz Aesthetics Clinic franchise to Point Franchise!


Manroop Ahitan, Founder and Managing Director of CoLaz Aesthetics Clinic, was founded in 2005 as a trader in cosmetics and beauty products but decided to change to a franchise model. The reason was that Manroop wanted to extend her aesthetics, non-surgical beautifying family network. Ultimately, to offer outstanding, non-invasive beauty services and results across the UK.


Non-surgical, top-quality equipment and technology

CoLaz Aesthetics Clinic utilises the highest performing, non-invasive, and innovative technologies to satisfy their clients. Namely, CoLaz completes laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, general skin-boosting, and removal of warts, moles, skin tags and verrucas, and much more. These beautifying interventions are by fully trained staff and licensed medical doctors, conducted in clinics which adhere to hygienic, health and safety standards. All in the quest to have the client exit the CoLaz clinic "sexy smooth and confident."




Unique, 100% ownership model

With a total investment of £220,000, franchise fees of £24,950, and financial support options, CoLaz Aesthetics Clinic offers a 100% franchise ownership model, i.e., your profits are your own. The only charge is a monthly "management fee" of 8.5%.

All in all, an exceptional model that is rarely seen within the franchise business, resulting in an expected £2000 per month salary from your first day and £75,000 after four years.


The reason for this extraordinary ownership model is that CoLaz's ultimate goal is to develop a tight network of profitable, skilled, sustainable and passionate franchisees to propel the aesthetics sector to new heights in the UK.


The full breadth of supporting initiatives that CoLaz offers new franchisee investors are:

  • An excellent start that will instantly bring in clients, from complete assistance with business developments and plans.
  • Support in locating the perfect place and negotiation of the lease.
  • Get offered the best and lowest prices for products and equipment from CoLaz's extensive economy-of-scale effect.
  • Top-rated training for you and your staff.
  • Neverending marketing, operational, technical, business, and leadership support
  • And much more!



The aesthetics sector in the UK

Like most franchise sectors, the aesthetics and beauty industry shrunk during the pandemic due to lockdowns and facemasks, lessening the need for cosmetics and beautifying products. However, the industry has bounced back with renewed vigour. Driven by an upsurge in e-commerce, a revitalised emphasis on appearance after lockdowns, opportunities for sustainable positioning, and consumers' outlook on treatments and cosmetics seen as “affordable luxuries”.


If you want to discover more about CoLaz Aesthetics Clinic and their enticing franchise opportunity, check out their profile page, or fill out this form to get exclusive, free insights.


Alternatively, find out our five crucial tips if considering launching your own beauty franchise, even how to design a proven business plan.

You can also go straight to the source and uncover how to choose the right beauty franchise for you and what to look for.

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