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Looking and feeling good can be addictive and British women up and down the country spend a fair bit to get the look they desire. A survey commissioned by Fragrance Direct discovered that women in the UK on average spend £482.51 a year on beauty products. Thats £2.39 a day spent on the 12 face products that most makeup bags contain.

And its the experimental youth who top the spending leader board with 16-24-year-olds using an average of 16 beauty products a day, worth £153 in total. Unsurprisingly, the older generation fork out on the most expensive product purchased, with anti-ageing serums costing an average of £17.41 a time.

Beauty shop UK

So, is it a good time to open a beauty shop in the UK? Well, the industry stats seem to confirm that it is and this isnt predicted to change for the foreseeable future.

Despite the economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the high street seemingly losing its appeal, the humble beauty shop is still a firm favourite for Brits. In fact, in the next five years, UK consumers will be willing to pay even more on health and beauty products according to GlobalData, which will see the market reaching £26.7 billion by 2022.

The UK Health & Beauty Market 2017 2022 report cited a couple of reasons for the anticipated growth in the sector. Firstly, were increasingly living in a looks-obsessed culture fuelled by social media, which boosts demand for the latest products on the market. Secondly, with the introduction of new ingredients and continual product innovation, retailers need to ensure that they stay up to date with trends or risk losing out to competitors.

Beauty shop names

The leading beauty shop retailer in the UK is Boots with around 1,500 stores serving in the region of 8 million customers every week. Not only does Boots stock a range of products from top beauty brands but it also develops and sells own brand products, some of which are leaders in their respective markets.

Surprisingly, its supermarket brands Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's that make the list ahead of Superdrug, which sits in fifth place. Thanks to the busy lifestyles that Brits now lead, the convenience of being able to purchase beauty products at the same time as doing the weekly shop is appreciated.

However, price also plays a huge factor for many consumers. This has resulted in consumers swapping low-value essential beauty purchases for even more cost-effective versions. Retailers such as Lidl, Aldi, and Poundland have invested heavily in key beauty products to entice price-sensitive shoppers to make the switch.

Buying products from a beauty shop remains the most popular way to shop, and GlobalData research has found that while 90% of shoppers purchase in store. But spend continues to shift online with sales expected to reach £3.1 billion in 2022.

Beauty shop online

It may seem unusual that consumers would buy beauty products online without being able to see, touch and try them but in reality, this is what the future holds. This is partly because an online beauty shop can offer some benefits that a physical version cant. These include:

Convenience Repeat purchases of regularly used products are easier to carry out online.
Reviews Online feedback from other shoppers that have bought a product is a power influencer when it comes to beauty products. Consumers give more credence to the opinions of their peers than the sales assistant paid to sell the products in store.
Inspiration Online shops can include makeover and beauty ideas on their website to encourage purchases. Tutorials about how to use different products are also helpful and play a large part in the shoppers decision to buy.

There is an opportunity for retailers with a presence on the high street to compete with purely online retailers by differentiating their offering. They could gain a competitive advantage by implementing a way for consumers to achieve a digital touch when it comes to their beauty products. These could include:

Developing apps with facial recognition or skin-tone tests to recommend products without the need to go in store.
Addition of consumer discussion boards so that shoppers can share product recommendations and tips as well as before and after photos.
Video tutorials from beauty experts.
Free delivery with no minimum spend.
Including free samples with every shipment.

Beauty shop franchise opportunity

If youd like to start a beauty shop franchise of your own, then you should consider Guinot. Founded in 1972 with more than 11,000 salons in 70 countries, 210 of which are franchised, Guinot has over 40 years experience of providing customers with high-quality products.

From a financial perspective, youll need to raise an initial investment of between £85,000 to £125,000. However, a personal contribution of just 30% to 50% is required. You can choose between one of two routes to franchise ownership. The first is conversion and involves transforming your existing salon into a Guinot unit. The second option will see you opening a new franchise unit and developing it from scratch.

In return for your investment, youll receive help to set up your salon, guidance on the Guinot branding, and ongoing support from the experienced franchise management team. Youll attend a one-week training course that covers daily operations, brand knowledge, advertising and digital software use. This is followed by a two-day period during which you shadow an existing franchisee.

Guinot offers an excellent opportunity to become your own boss while enjoying the benefits of being part of one of the leading beauty product suppliers in the world.

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