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Top beauty franchise opportunities in the UK

If you’re looking to open your own business in the beauty sector, you may want to consider franchising. However, with numerous high-performing beauty and hair franchises to choose between, it can be difficult to make a decision. Here, we take a look at three of the most attractive investment opportunities in the hair and beauty franchising sector.

Our top beauty franchise opportunities

Rush Hair

Franchise basics
Established in 1994, Rush Hair has grown to become one of the largest and most reputable hair salon franchises in the UK. It now boasts more than 70 salons, spread across London and the south of England. Having won numerous hairdressing awards over the years, it's managed to earn itself a place at the head of the hairdressing franchise table. Rush Hair offers a variety of hair and beauty services and has partnered with top high street brands to ensure that all products meet the franchise's high standards. Partners include L’Oréal, GHD, REDKEN, and Kerastase Paris, among others. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they can certainly be considered to be one of the top beauty franchises in the country.

What level of investment is required?
In order to become a franchisee, you’ll have to raise somewhere between £150,000 and £165,000. The precise cost will largely depend on the location and size of your business premises. Generally, salons need at least 800 sq. ft. of space. Rush Hair has a number of scouted locations for interested individuals to consider. Franchisees are expected to raise a personal investment of at least £15,000. Funding can be secured through one of a number of major lenders or via the franchise’s established finance partner, the Bank of Cyprus UK. The franchisor charges a royalty fee of 10% on turnover (excluding VAT).

What do franchisees get in return for their investment?
In return for your investment, you’ll be granted the rights to operate under the Rush Hair name and brand image. You’ll also be provided with help finding and choosing a business premises, as well as assistance equipping the salon and preparing it for the opening. All franchisees are enrolled on a training programme that covers the business basics and provides you with all the technical know-how you’ll need to run a franchise unit. You’ll also receive ongoing support from the franchise’s marketing, operations, finance, education, and HR teams.

LMI & Co

Franchise basics
With three years of experience, LMI & Co are relatively new to the franchising game. Having launched in November 2015, by June 2016 they had won three awards at the Kent Health & Beauty Awards. This was followed by a similar haul in 2017 and 2018. Rapid expansion and quick growth were always key objectives, so the business decided to adopt the franchise model and recently opened their first franchise unit. LMI made its name by providing high-quality salon services and specialising in exceptional cutting and colouring results. It advertises itself as using only top-of-the-range beauty products and, over the coming years, aims to become one of the most popular franchises in the beauty industry.

What level of investment is required?
In order to become an LMI & Co franchisee, it’s first necessary to raise an initial investment of approximately £30,000. However, larger amounts of working capital will be required in order to secure the future of your LMI franchise unit. Prospective franchisees will be able to raise a large percentage of this by applying for finance from major lenders.

What do franchisees get in return for their investment?
In return for your investment, franchisees will be enrolled on a comprehensive training programme that covers all the fundamentals of franchise management. Franchisees do not need to be a qualified hairdresser, as this training schedule encompasses all the skills you’ll require to handle the business side of the franchise. Ongoing support will also be provided to help you recruit the right staff, bring customers into the salon, and build your brand.


Franchise basics
Guinot is one of the UK’s leading beauty product suppliers. Founded in 1972, it has accrued more than 40 years of experience in the beauty sector. However, it only began life as a franchise in 2010. In eight years, it’s expanded at an incredible pace and its network now encompasses more than 210 outlets worldwide. Guinot specialises in providing customers with the highest quality product possible. Ranging from facial products to hair removal products, it offers a diverse array of goods and utilises a unique beauty consultation service for a unique customer experience.

What level of investment is required?
If you’re considering buying a franchise with Guinot, you’ll need to raise an initial investment of somewhere between £85,000 to £125,000. The franchise expects 30% to 50% of this figure to be a personal investment. The franchise offers two different routes to franchise ownership. The first is conversion. This involves transforming your existing salon into a Guinot unit. The second involves opening a new franchise unit and developing it from scratch.

What do franchisees get in return for their investment?
In return for your investment, franchisees will receive assistance in setting up their salon, guidance on the Guinot branding, and ongoing support from the experienced franchise management team. All franchisees are enrolled on a one-week training course that covers daily operations, brand knowledge, advertising and digital software use. This is followed by a two-day period during which you shadow an existing franchisee.

All three of our chosen beauty franchises have taken incredibly different routes to reach their current position. All three offer franchisees something slightly different. If you're interested in signing up with one of our highlighted franchises, it's a good idea to get in touch with the relevant franchisor and discuss your options. Each business is looking for hard-working, dedicated businesspeople to help expand the franchise network. Though it may be useful, experience in the beauty sector is not always necessary, so there are relatively few barriers to entry.

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