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Bright & Beautiful franchisee Sarah took redundancy as her chance to become a business owner.

The ambitious entrepreneur lost her job when the recession hit but saw it as an opportunity to launch a business. She explained:

Just as I was in the throes of being made redundant my grandmother died and left me an inheritance. It was a now or never moment, I had the funds, found Bright & Beautiful online and have never looked back.

Sarah had previously worked with large retail firms at a printing business and held a role the role of company secretary. She founded Bright & Beautiful Aylesbury & the Chilterns in 2012 in the hope of building a business with the power to make a real impact in her community.

Residents in the local area can rely on Sarah’s business for laundry, ironing, deep cleaning, and other tasks. The Bright & Beautiful branch is proud to organise staff schedules around nursing and mental health professionals to provide a convenient service to vulnerable customers. The business helps people living with conditions like schizophrenia, Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, and dementia, as well as those with hoarding tendencies.

Now, Sarah is growing her cleaning franchise branch by moving into a dedicated office space and creating senior roles within her team of employees. She described her changes to the workforce:

Our manager has reduced her workload so that she can focus on the teams and quality control. We have also appointed a Senior Team Leader to provide back-up for the Operations Manager.

This re-shuffle demonstrates the scalability of the Bright & Beautiful franchise model, as the franchisor encourages investors to build a structured team and develop it over time.

Sarah Reeves

Sarah advises prospective franchisees to prepare for every eventuality and consider feedback:

You will have good and bad days, have a back-up solution for everything if you can. You will work like you have never worked before initially, but this is all for you, not anybody else. Be decisive, your employees look to you to be a strong leader but always take their opinions on board.


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