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Bright & Beautiful has released a guide on building the perfect team for a housekeeping business. 

The cleaning franchise explains what you should be looking for as you hire your first staff members: 

“You need to be confident that they are a great fit for your business. If they have held a cleaning role before, great, but housekeeping details and processes can all be taught. Sometimes it’s even better if they haven’t been shown how to do things in a way that might not be to your liking!”

Bright & Beautiful also says it’s important for franchisees to strike a balance between following the franchisor’s guidance and introducing their own ideas, such as incentives and feedback sessions.  

“A good franchisor will equip you with training manuals and procedures to ensure you can hit the ground running but it’s also down to you to put your personal stamp on the way you like to do things.”

It’s also a good idea to keep a close eye on each worker’s responsibilities: 

“Identify what responsibilities they have, who they report to or manage and how you would like them to evolve. This will also allow you to look at who might be able to be trained up or promoted to more senior positions.”

And when the time comes to promote new roles, why not turn to your employees for inspiration? The franchise explained, 

“Ask your current housekeeper to name the other great things about their job – from being proud to be part of a strong brand to the camaraderie of working in a team – and make sure those USPs come over clearly when you’re advertising or interviewing.”

The franchise believes recruiting the perfect candidates pays off in the long run: 

“Finding the right personality fit, implementing thorough and ongoing training and making your team a part of the company’s long term future will all ensure that you and your team work towards a happy and prosperous future.”

You can find the full guide and other handy articles on Bright & Beautiful’s website. 

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