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Weddings are often the most special event in an individual’s entire life. Consequently, anyone providing wedding services needs to ensure that they’re at the top of their game every time they go to work. Some people thrive in such a situation. Generally, these are the individuals who are ideally suited to managing a wedding franchise.

Wedding events company

The franchising system provides would-be business owners with a popular means of launching and operating your own wedding company. Whereas independent start-ups have a tough time of distinguishing themselves from the competition in this challenging market, franchisees benefit from operating under an established name and a brand that’s already popular amongst customers.

One of the most challenging aspects of starting a new business is reaching new customers and convincing them that you possess the necessary skills and resources to deliver on what they want. This is particularly true of the wedding industry, where customers are aware of the fact that their wedding is meant to be the best day of their lives. Under such pressures, consumers are unlikely to settle for second best. Fortunately, a popular franchise brand will typically reassure and convince them that your business is the one to use.

Wedding company jobs

The wedding industry is diverse, and events depend on a host of different professionals if they’re to run smoothly. This is reflected in the wide range of businesses involved in the wedding industry. Here, we take a look at some of the most common types of wedding franchise and what personal skills and qualities you’ll need if you’re to make it in the industry.

Wedding planner

Wedding planner franchises are responsible for arranging and organising some of the most important parts of the event and ensuring that they run to schedule. For creative types, this can be a remarkably rewarding job. While some franchises will maintain a roster of in-house service providers that handle tasks like catering, photography, and the music, others will allow the franchisee to select local partners to work with. This means that you’ll have to be a competent networker and capable of managing a large team.

Wedding photographer

While there aren’t many franchises that specialise exclusively in wedding photography, there are plenty providing photography services for events of all types. In this type of franchise, a considerable amount of custom comes from weddings.

On some jobs, the bride and groom may have specific ideas about how they want the photographs to look, and it will be necessary to consider their wishes. However, your portfolio will generate future work and clients will often select your business because they want their wedding photos to look like those you’ve previously taken. geThis means your natural talents as a photographer will be much in demand.

Bridal Boutique

Another popular type of wedding franchise is the bridal boutique. This supplies brides and bridesmaids with the dresses and accessories they require to look their best on the big day. With a bridal boutique, the shopping experience is almost as important as the dress. An ability to deliver unbeatable customer service and ensure that the client is made to feel truly special is an essential part of the role and franchisees will need to have excellent communication skills if you’re to succeed.

Venue styling

Finally, venue styling is a growing business and a popular franchising option. Ensuring the client's chosen venue looks as spectacular as possible requires both creative and organisational skills, making this a role that's ideally suited to all-rounders who can visualise a customer's vision and execute it flawlessly. Attention to detail is important, and all venue styling franchisees also need to keep up to date with the latest wedding trends.

What you’ll need to make it work

1. An ability to work under pressure

Weddings are often stressful events. There's enormous pressure on those employed to design, prepare, and set up the event and the bride, groom and everyone else involved understandably expect everything to be just right. This means that you'll have to be comfortable working in high-pressure environments and be able to deliver the goods on a tight schedule. While you may think you'll thrive in such a situation, no one knows until they’ve experienced it for real. Consequently, it's a good idea to test the water with a little trial work before jumping in at the deep end.

2. Excellent organisational skills

Weddings are complex events composed of many intricate elements. The perfect wedding depends on every aspect of the event going as planned and transferring seamlessly into the next. With the service, reception, meal, speeches, dancing, and music to consider, those in charge need to be capable of organising themselves and others if they’re to satisfy the bride and groom.

3. An understanding of marketing

As the owner of a wedding business, one of the most critical aspects of the job is attracting customers. While referrals from previous work will help generate some custom, it's also necessary to have a firm grasp on how to market yourself and your business. Ensuring your franchise unit stands out from the competition is key to success and will determine how much business you receive. This is one of the significant benefits of operating a franchised business. Not only are you able to work under an established brand name, but the franchisor also typically provides you with marketing training, as well as materials and guidance on how to use them.

4. The ability to realise a customer’s vision

Finally, whatever part of the wedding industry you cater to, you’ll need to be able to work closely with the client to ensure that their vision is fully realised. In this respect, excellent communication skills are essential. Whether it’s taking photos, styling the venue, or supplying the bride and bridesmaids with the perfect dresses, you’ll need to listen, pick out important details, and provide a service that fulfils the client’s demands. This is by no means an easy skill to master and individuals often require the help of franchise training to get it right.

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