The Best Dog Care Franchises in the UK

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dog care franchise

Pet owners will be quick to tell you how much joy their furry friend brings them and the extent to which they improve their quality of life. Dogs, in particular, have a way of showing unconditional love to their owner. This love has been proven to decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

According to the PFMA Pet Population Report, 26 percent of the UK adult population owns a dog, which results in there being nine million of them in UK households.

It is important to owners that they can make sure their dog feels loved and mentally stimulated, resulting in a greater demand for products and services that help them do exactly that. With many owners treating their dog like a family member, there is a highly profitable, growing UK market that can be taken advantage of. Whether its dog care, grooming, training, food, toys or even clothes, many dog owners are prepared to spend big bucks on their cuddly companions.

90 percent of pet owners in the UK keep their pets in kennels when they go on holiday, at an average rate of £17 a night (Compare Your Life, Channel 4). Pet care and boarding is now a £4.3 billion a year industry, and a growing sector with massive untapped potential.

Why not invest in a dog care franchise, where there is scope to build a successful business within a lucrative and vibrant industry, doing something that you love every day?

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Dog Day Care Franchise for Sale

If you are passionate about dog care and want to make a career out of it, the next big thing to consider is whether to open an independent business or invest in a dog care franchise. Either way, you will enjoy all the perks of being your own boss - one of the most appealing is being able to strike a healthy work-life balance.

However, investing in an existing dog care franchise provides entrepreneurs with significant advantages. Operating in the dog care sector is not as simple as just looking after dogs all day, and whilst on a basic level this is the premise of the job, potential franchisees must be equipped with business management skills and the determination to succeed.

Because dog care franchises are able to offer a well-known brand name, successful business model and support with other important decisions such as the location and the website, they are a tempting choice to make the set-up process much simpler and easier.

Dog Care Franchise Opportunity

The number of owners opting to steer clear from traditional kennels and opt for a true home-from-home experience is on the rise. According to a study commissioned by Co-op Insurance, 47 percent of UK pet owners feel guilty about leaving their pets when they are away, 31 percent worry about their pets whilst theyre away and 15 percent wont even leave them in the first place. Therefore, instead of dog owners being faced with the tough decision of going on holiday or staying with their dog, in fear of some kennels not providing the best treatment, dog sitting services are becoming a more popular choice. Well-known dog care companies choosing to do exactly that are Barking Mad, Wagging Tails and PetStay, which are all dog franchise opportunities available through Point Franchise.

Barking Mad

When it was launched in Cumbria in 2000, Barking Mad started off as an alternative to traditional kennelling. It has now grown into the industrys most trusted dog-sitting service, boasting a score of 9.9 on Trustpilot.

Alongside its bespoke dog care service, Barking Mad offers quality dog transportation, photo updates and a mini-sleepover for one night before your dog moves into your hosts house for a longer stay.

A love for dogs is, of course, expected of all franchise partners, as well as a can-do attitude and the drive to support an expanding business. Barking Mad currently has sites in the north of England, South-West England, Scotland, Wales and other locations across the UK.

As well as a comprehensive training programme, Barking Mad offers operational equipment, FIDO business software, corporate apparel and marketing materials as part of its franchise package.

If you want to join the franchises 80-strong network of dog sitting homes across the UK, a minimum investment of just under £15,000 is required.

Wagging Tails

Caring for pets since 2007, Wagging Tails is one of the leading dog boarding services in the UK. It believes dogs need a holiday too, so it makes sure to match dogs with a carefully selected, licensed Wagging Tails carer, with whom the dog can enjoy a stress-free, home-from-home holiday.

The first franchise opened in 2010, and ever since then, the franchise network has expanded to include 20 franchisees across the UK today.

The dog care franchise is a member of two respected organisations, the British Franchise Organisation (BFA) and Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWIF). Therefore, Wagging Tails must operate in accordance with high franchising standards and ethics and prove how successful its franchisees are, including the vast scope to make impressive profits.

Franchisees will benefit from a comprehensive training programme that addresses topics such as the recruitment of carers, using Wagging Tails bespoke systems, marketing and taking bookings.

In order to invest, potential candidates need a minimum investment of £7,995 and a total investment of £12,995.


Founded in 2005, PetStay is a dog care franchise dedicated to giving personalised and specialised care to dogs. The dog boarding service boasts that the dogs happiness is at the centre of everything they do. Therefore, they never mix dogs from different households.

Being a trusted brand and providing quality services have resulted in the opening of 35 branches across the UK and the recruitment of over 500 dog carers by the franchise.

In order to invest, interested franchisees need a minimum investment of £17,000.

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