Top 5 Pet Franchises

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Best pet franchises

Brits have a name for being a nation of pet lovers, and the stats only go to confirm this reputation. In fact, as many as half of UK households own a pet; 8.5 million of these are dogs and 8 million are cats. But no four-legged pet can knock the humble goldfish off its perch as Britains most kept pet. With 18 million goldfish swimming around in bowls up and down the country, they win the prize for being the most affordable and least labour intensive pet to look after.

If you have a love for animals, you may want to consider combining this passion with owning a franchise. There are many benefits to starting a pet franchise. Here are just some of them.

Advantages of running a pet franchise

  • The fact that there are many different types of businesses that can be set up for pets, there is bound to be an opportunity for you. Popular franchises include dog walking, pet grooming, pet food supplier and pet sitting to name a few.

  • Due to the nature of a pet franchise, they tend to offer flexibility by allowing you to choose where you work from. You may decide to run your business from home, offer a mobile service, or work from a fixed premise with a store front.

  • Set up costs and ongoing expenses are minimal, especially for a home-based or mobile business.

  • The total investment cost for a pet franchise is low in comparison to other franchise types which offers the potential to make big profit, quickly.

  • As the boss, you choose the hours you work so that you can fit your business around other commitments that you have, achieving the ultimate work / life balance.

Top pet franchise opportunities

According to the PFMA 2016 report, Brits spend an average of £95 a month on their pets. With this figure forecast to increase year-on-year, now is the perfect time to profit from increasing demand and invest in one of the many pet franchises available.

Husse Franchise

Husse was founded in 1987 and is renowned, both in the UK and overseas, for producing and selling a wide range of affordable pet food, accessories and health products.

Now over 1,000 franchisees worldwide benefit from being home based while generating high returns. As a Husse franchisee youll be in control of ordering and delivering pet food and accessories to your customers doors. And as pet food is needed all year around, you can be sure that youll be generating high profit margins 12 months of the year.

The Husse brand has grown at great speed since being introduced to the UK back in 2012 making it the most rapidly growing pet food franchise in the country.

Oscar Franchise

Owning a franchise with Oscar will see you joining the UK's biggest pet food home delivery service. Established in 1994, Oscar has developed an extensive product range to suit all breeds and dietary requirements.

The popular franchise offers a wide choice of pet foods, including gluten-free and lower fat options, so customers have peace of mind that their beloved pets nutritional needs are catered for.

And in exchange for the low investment of £8,995 plus VAT, youll receive a formal nutritional qualification as part of the franchise package. This means that you can offer your customers the advice they need about the best way to care for and nourish their pets. All this with the option of working full-time, part-time as a second income, or even alongside another business opportunity. The choice is yours.

Wagging Tails Franchise

Wagging Tails offers a home from home dog boarding service offering pet owners an alternative to traditional kennels. This opportunity enables you to own your own business and work from home with your own dog by your side. This is a popular franchise for entrepreneurs who want to have a positive impact on other dog owners lives, whilst making a profit at the same time.

Wagging Tails started off as a family run business when it was established in early 2007, but to meet demand, the business was franchised in 2010. Now there are 15 franchises across the country and growing all the time.

You dont need to have any qualifications or experience to run a Wagging Tails franchise, just a love for dogs, good communication skills and the commitment to making your franchise a success.

Barking Mad

There are many similarities between Wagging Tails and Barking Mad, in the fact that both franchises offer pet owners an alternative to kennels. The difference with a Barking Mad franchise is rather than providing the dog boarding service yourself, you meet with the client and then choose a host family that suits the needs of the dog.

Owning a franchise with Barking Mad gives you all the freedom and flexibility of running your own business, with the support and advice of a successful business model. You even get all the benefits of a much larger company with a dedicated call centre dealing with customer queries on your behalf.

For a total of investment of less than £15,000 you can be your own boss. No commute into the office, being able to work from home, spending time with your dog and meeting lots of other dog lovers. Sounds like the perfect pet franchise.

Canine Crche

Canine Crche takes the dog boarding concept to another level, with large industrial units housing doggy hotels. As many as 20,000 dogs enjoy a day visit to the crche every year, whilst a further 3,600 stay the whole night. There are currently four canine crche centres across the country and more are needed to keep up with demand.

When you join the franchise, youll get support with choosing the right location, advice on how to market your service and guidance on how to keep the dogs safe and happy. Due to the size of the franchise, the total investment is between £65,000 and £85,000, and is the ideal business opportunity for ambitious, hard working and dedicated entrepreneurs; who just happen to love dogs too.

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