Are you an animal lover? Here are our top 5 pet-friendly franchises

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Top UK animal franchises

If you're a real animal lover, chances are that you've dreamt about starting up a pet-based business for a considerable amount of time. The good news is that theres plenty of animal-friendly franchises to choose from. Here, we take a look at our top 5 pet franchises and explain why we think each one constitutes an excellent investment opportunity.

The best animal franchises in the UK

Wagging Tails

Wagging Tails is one of the UKs leading dog boarding services and has been caring for pets since 2007. Launched to meet the growing demand amongst pet owners for an alternative to kennels, it has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the top animal-friendly franchises in the country. Its first franchise was opened in 2010 and, since then, the franchise network has grown to encompass 20 franchisees. With plenty of room in the market for expansion, they hope to attract new members to the team and continue growing the organisation.

To invest in Wagging Tails, franchisees will need a minimum of £7,800, though it's likely to require more than £12,995 to get a business off the ground. In return, franchisees can expect an expected revenue of £40,000 over the first two years of business. All franchisees go through a comprehensive training programme that covers topics as diverse as carer recruitment, booking management, and marketing. This is supplemented by courses in dog behaviour and first aid. Having won many franchising awards over the years, Wagging Tails isnt just an excellent opportunity to build a thriving business, its a chance to be part of one of the UKs most supportive franchising networks.


Husse specialises in providing premium quality food and accessories for dogs, cats, and horses across the country. With the aim of becoming the worlds foremost retailer of high quality, pet-related goods, the franchise was founded in 1987 and has now grown to encompass over 1000 franchises in more than 50 countries. It has been operating in the UK since 2012 when it instantly made a name for itself as a retailer that is committed to superior quality products and excellent customer service.

To become a Husse franchisee requires an initial investment of at least £11,700. Franchisees will require a sales and office space to showcase products and from which to carry out day to day business operations. In return for their investment, new franchisees are enrolled in a comprehensive training programme, covering business management, pet nutrition, sales, marketing, and how to use digital systems. Theyll also receive ongoing support and guidance once the business is up and running. If youre interested in joining a franchise thats renowned for the quality of its products, Husse might be one of the best franchises to invest in.

Canine Creche

Founded in 2011, Canine Crche has moved from offering traditional kennel services to a bespoke dog care business that logs more than 20,000 day visits, and 3,600 overnight stays every year. With ten existing franchisees and enough demand to justify the franchise pursuing an aggressive expansion policy, this is the perfect opportunity to get on board with a franchise that's going places. Canine Crche prioritise safety above all else, ensuring that all the dogs in their care get the attention they require.

To invest in Canine Crche, a minimum of £60,000 is required. However, depending on your specific circumstances, this could rise to as much as £80,000. In return for your investment, franchisees receive assistance in setting up their crche and are enrolled in a thorough training scheme. This scheme will equip you with everything you need to know about the business and caring for dogs. It includes classes on dog temperament testing, booking management, and digital systems training, amongst other things.

Barking Mad

Barking Mad is one of the country's leading dog sitters and one of the UK's most exciting animal franchises. With over 80 franchise units and more on the way, the franchise has experienced dramatic growth since its launch in 2000. Focusing on providing dogs with the love and care they require while their owners are away, Barking Mad are renowned for their commitment to high standards of customer service and their deep compassion for our four-legged, furry friends.

Franchisees will need to raise an initial minimum investment of £14,957 to start up their own franchise unit. Included in this investment are the rights to trade under the Barking Mad name, uniforms, whistles, and access to an extensive training programme. All of the equipment youll require including dog tags, business software, and marketing materials are ready for you to use as soon as your new franchise unit is up and running. If youve got a passion for dogs and want to manage your own business, Barking Mad may be the opportunity youve been looking for.

Dial a Dog Wash

Dial a Dog Wash is one of the UKs most recognisable dog grooming brands. Founded in 1999, this van-based franchise brings high-quality grooming services direct to pet owners' front doors. With a fully equipped van included in the franchise package, new franchisees will be ready to make money as soon as they sign the franchise agreement and get their unit running.

A Dial a Dog Wash franchise can be yours for a minimum investment of just £14,999. In return for this fee, franchisees are entitled to operate under the business brand name, given a fully-equipped dog washing van, as well as all the equipment, manuals, and inventory that youll require. Every franchisee is granted an exclusive territory and enrolled in the prestigious Dial a Dog Wash Academy, where theyll receive extensive training.

All five of our pet-based franchises offer franchisees something completely different. Whether you would rather look after dogs, give them a thorough wash and tidy up, or just supply the best food and accessories that money can buy, we've got you covered. If youre starting a franchise and would like to find out more, contact us at xxx or browse our franchise pages.

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