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The best online estate agency franchises in the UK

In recent years, online estate agents have proven an excellent investment opportunity for anyone looking to manage their own franchise. Digital technology has advanced to a point where a brick-and-mortar business is no longer necessary, and many franchises have taken advantages of these advancements to provide a customer-centric service that ticks all the boxes. Here, we take a look at our top three online estate agent franchises and discover what makes them so special.

The best online estate agency franchises



EweMove is an online estate agent with a stellar reputation. Repeatedly awarded a full five stars by industry experts, franchisees, and customers alike, the franchise understands exactly what it takes to help develop new franchisees into property professionals. With over 100 franchisees dotted around the country, theyve accrued years of invaluable experience that theyre more than happy to share with the right individual.

As with any franchise that values customer service this highly, theyre picky about who they work with. However, this doesnt mean that you need any previous experience in real estate. Instead, EweMove opts for franchisees that demonstrate excellent communication skills, have a sound business mind, and have the drive and commitment to make their business work.


The initial investment required for a EweMove franchise is £19,995 + VAT. This entitles you to a territory consisting of approximately 20,000 households. Its also necessary to have at least £2,000 of working capital at your disposal to see you through the early stages of franchise development.

In return for your investment

In return for your investment, EweMove offers an extensive training programme that includes a one-week induction at company headquarters, a day-long business training course in the Midlands, and an invitation to their National Conference. On top of this, ten one-day seminars known as success summits are also scheduled for new franchisees. Once these are complete, EweMove provides ongoing support to their franchisees, ensuring they have all the assistance they need to succeed. They also offer access to an enormous range of resources that includes sales scripts and marketing materials, amongst other things.



HomeXperts are at the forefront of technological innovation in the real estate industry. Having been awarded the Sunday Times Best Estate Agency twice, theyre well positioned to know exactly what it takes to be the best. By providing customers with a variety of ways to list their home, they offer an incredibly versatile service thats proven hugely successful over the last few years. With many different ways of adding revenue streams to your business, HomeXperts is an excellent choice for those looking for a franchise that offers benefits to both its customers and franchisees.


HomeXperts require a minimum initial investment of £20,000 and charge a franchise fee of £12,995. From then on, they charge a monthly operating fee of £500 and a royalty fee that amounts to 10% of earnings. Considering the reputation of the HomeXpress brand, these costs make it an extremely affordable franchise to invest in.

In return for your investment

HomeXperts most profitable franchises have previously earned around £25,000 a month. This means a monthly salary of between £5,000 and £10,000 is well within reach of most franchisees. Alongside the rights to operate under the HomeXperts name, the franchise also offers franchisees a full training programme that culminates in being awarded industry-recognised qualifications, access to an in-house legal advisor, graphics team, and central call centre so theyll answer your calls when you cant get to the phone. Lettings administration assistance and a dedicated business development manager are also available to help you get your business up and running. Finally, HomeXperts will provide you with the digital software required to run an online estate agents and train you in its use.



Established in 2003 by Manjit Virdiand, Redstones has been a highly influential online estate agent franchise for over a decade. With an emphasis on providing high-quality customer service without the need for a high street commercial property, the franchise has utilised the latest digital technology to provide tiered products that meet the needs of their franchisees and customers. While they mainly focus on lettings, successful franchisees can also access their sales service, adding an additional revenue stream to their business.


Because Redstones usually operate out of an office space or are a home-based franchise, the initial investment required is one of the most affordable around. Setting up a new franchise unit typically costs somewhere between £20,000 to £25,000, the price of which includes the £14,995 franchise fee. This entitles the franchisee to a territory that is sized to cover roughly 100,000 homes and 250,000 residents. Each territory has been designed by mapping experts, who understand the demographics of the areas theyre working with and have created boundaries that maximise the potential for growth in each territory.

In return for your investment

In return for your investment, a Redstones franchisee will receive two weeks of intensive training at company HQ. This covers topics as diverse as business management, communication skills, and digital systems. Once complete, Redstones guide new franchisees through a thorough business launch programme and accompany them on their first visits to landlords and clients. Ongoing support is available after the initial setup stage and Redstones put a variety of marketing materials at their franchisees disposal. This assistance continues long after the business is fully established, and the franchise plays an active role in guiding all of its franchisees to higher profits.


While all three of our picks operate in the same industry, each of them has their own unique advantages. Redstones, with their tiered product system, is a versatile franchise with an excellent opportunity for expansion. HomeXperts appear to have struck on the perfect marriage between technology and customer service. Finally, EweMoves excellent training programmes and unbeatable reputation has ensured it stands out from the crowd. If owning a franchise is your dream, you cant go far wrong with any of our choices of online estate agents.

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