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In order to navigate our way through life we rely heavily on signs. Whether itís driving down a road, choosing which restaurant to dine in or knowing the direction of the toilets, signs are an essential means of transmitting information. For this reason, it is hardly surprising that the UK signage industry is worth £1.1 billion.

Signs communicate a message to a group and are often for marketing purposes, or simply to inform and influence the decision-making process. This manifests in displaying information in a variety of different locations. For example, though billboards, banners, small street signs, murals and sandwich boards.

Digital sign systems are in more demand than ever. It was found that 84 percent of UK retailers considered digital signage to be instrumental in establishing brand awareness. Digital signs help gain customer attention which in turn will result in higher sales figures and profit.

Innovative Signage Use

Digital signage is being implemented at till points to gain customer attention, reduce queuing and bottle necks, and to display special offers and product information. Signs are also crucial for managing the crowd and communicating messages at busy events.

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Purpose of Signage

Letís take a more in-depth look at why signs are so important in our day-to-day lives.

  • Enticing customers. Signs can attract business from both the inside and outside of a building. Window displays are a common outside sign that tempts customers to come inside.
  • Advertising and marketing. Advertising hoardings or billboards may be the obvious choice for organisations, but there are other outdoor signage methods and building wraps that can advertise a company - more on this later.
  • Recognition. Signs can be implemented simply so customers can identify a brand or place.
  • Health and Safety. These sorts of signs are common in schools, nurseries, workplaces and offices to warn people of potential hazards.
  • Directional. These are important for locations like hospitals, shopping centres, buildings with multiple entrances and large outdoor events. Without good directional signs, a customer might get lost, and this will reflect badly on the business.

Commercial Signs

Commercial signs are a great way for businesses to receive the exposure they need. Not only do they advertise businesses, but they also provide a professional image. A commercial sign that has been well designed, produced and mounted impacts how customers perceive the business. Commercial signs can promote a businessí identity or brand image, not only to the target audience, but also to the world.

Producing a commercial sign that is custom made and has a high-end look will help get a business noticed. Clients can choose the material of the sign, including metal, vinyl, wood and plastic, and the shape, size and colour.

Outdoor Business Signs

Billboards are a large outdoor advertising structure that convey information about a brand to a pedestrians and drivers. They are usually found in high-traffic areas and display witty slogans and vibrant visuals. Their main purpose is to capture individualsí attention and create a long-lasting impression on them. They are usually short as they have to be read in a short time period and are humorous, to again be memorable.

Building and scaffolding wraps are another means of advertising a business outside. Service Graphics is the UKís building and scaffolding wrap expert and it creates extremely large scale wraps that can greatly impact the environment. They may be installed for practical purposes like construction work or as a showstopping display of brand promotion.

Other examples of outdoor business signs are vinyl, roller and mesh banners, posters, plastic signs, car window signs, car door decals, flags, chalkboards, bomber sticks, pop-up displays and aluminium signs.

You should now understand the various markets and sign types and can establish an area of interest. With there being a constant demand of signs and a large variety of different sectors to operate in, why not start a sign company with a franchise?

Benefits of the Franchise Route

Starting a business from scratch can be a challenging and even scary business move. However, having the support of an established signage franchise with an already existing customer base should help you hit the ground running. You can take advantage of a proven business model and operational systems that have been tried and tested, which will limit any associated risk. Usually, you will also receive ongoing support from the franchisor, so you donít have to worry about struggling on your own.

Steps to Start Your Own Sign Company

  • Carry out market research in your local area to establish any potential customers, what the customers will want and any competition. This step is paramount for any start-up and allows entrepreneurs to develop business strategies.
  • Craft a business plan. You may choose to do this yourself or get some help from a business consultant.
  • Apply for financing and obtain local business permit, retail sales certificate and tax registration
  • Secure a space. Find the perfect location for your shop, office space or warehouse space, or you could even decide to operate from home. The size and utility requirements will be dependent on the type and scale of the sign company you wish to open.
  • Buy the necessary equipment. You will need to purchase sign-making and installation equipment supplies and a vehicle if you opt to offer delivery or on-site service. The sign equipment and supply distributor will be a handy information source and might even offer start-up shop packages.
  • Obtain a business liability insurance.

Similar Opportunities

There are two sign franchise opportunities available in our books at the moment: FASTSIGNS and Signs Express. To get more information on what these both have to offer, the training and support provided, who their ideal franchisee candidates are and investment costs, head to their client pages today.

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