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franchise business ideas

Franchising had a big year in 2018, and itís a trend thatís continued into 2019. With more and more businesses adopting the franchise model as a means of facilitating impressive growth across the UK, would-be franchisees have never had so many investment opportunities to choose between. However, not all franchises are the same and some promise far greater rewards than others. With this in mind, we take a look at our top five business ideas for 2019/2020.

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1. Small business ideas

Our first business idea is to take a look at small businesses. With the increased availability of powerful digital technologies, itís much easier to build a small, part-time business on your own. Many of these franchises can be operated on a part or full-time basis, giving franchisees greater control over their work-life balance and attracting interest from those who wouldnít be able to manage their own business otherwise.

Healthy Feet

One of the most exciting examples of a small franchised business (and one to watch out for in 2019/2020) is Healthy Feet. This business was established in 2011 and in 2018 the two founders decided to expand through franchising to cope with the high demand. There are currently six franchisees operating in the UK and providing clients of all ages with quality foot care. You donít need to have any experience in the industry to be part of this unique opportunity, as you receive a qualification when you become a franchisee. You have the flexibility to pick and choose when you want to see clients, which should help promote a healthier work-life balance. The franchise requires a total investment of approximately £7,000, making it one of the most affordable franchises out there.

Smart Raspberry

Educational enterprises are ideally suited to the franchise model and make for the perfect small business. Smart Raspberry is an excellent example of how teaching young kids essential life skills can be considered a good investment for both a business owner and their customers. The franchise offers cooking lessons to growing children, who learn how to cook tasty and nutritious meals while having fun too. The business has proven popular in an after-school, holiday and birthday party setting and continues to generate substantial profits. To become a franchisee, you'll need to invest approximately £4,000.

2. Home-based business ideas

Our second business idea is to explore the possibility of opening a home-based business. Not only does starting a business from home allow you to organise your work schedule around your personal commitments, but it also cuts down on overheads. This means your business requires fewer sales before it begins turning a profit. You also wonít have to tackle the dreaded commute to work, saving valuable time that you can put into actually running your business.

But owning a home-based franchise isnít suited to everyone. You have to be incredibly motivated and organised in order to make sure you put the necessary hours in and stick to deadlines. If you think you might get easily distracted by your pets or will miss the company of work colleagues, then choosing a home-based franchise might not be the best decision for you. This is why self-reflection is key in order to make a decision that you wonít regret.

Concept Building Solutions

One of the most promising home-based franchises is Concept Building Solutions. Specialising in repair, renovation and insurance claims, Concept Business Solutions are a claims management company that you can operate from the comfort of your own office space. The business has more than 15 years of experience providing support to franchisees and is renowned for its excellent support system. Franchisees will need roughly £33,000 to launch a new franchise unit.

Hemera Holidays

A relatively new business, Hemera Holidays was established in 2014 but didnít begin franchising until 2018. It specialises in the letting of lodges, cabins and holiday homes around the UK, with every franchisee being responsible for the maintenance, servicing and letting of all the properties in their exclusive territory. There are now an impressive 40 franchisees in the Hemera Holidays franchise network, indicating how dedicated the ambitious brand is to its expansion. Franchisees will need to raise around £5,000 if they want to open their own Hemera franchise.

Tubz Vending

This is a franchise opportunity you probably wouldnít have thought of. Tubz Vending is a tower vending franchise that operates in the UK and throughout Europe. Itís the perfect business opportunity for those looking to bring in some extra income, whether itís for retirement or to accompany another part time job. Thatís not to say you canít fun it on a full-time basis either; the business model is flexible and can be adapted to suit franchiseesí individual wants and needs. Anyone can become a Tubz Vending franchisee, as no sales experience is needed, and full training and support is provided. To invest in this franchise, you will need to make a total investment of around £3,000. Again, this is another affordable franchise opportunity.

3. Online business ideas

Our third top business idea for 2019/2020 is to consider starting an online franchise. Online franchises allow for a remarkable amount of freedom and flexibility and, as with home-based businesses, will enable the business owner to lower overheads. Not having to pay rent or large payrolls can save a considerable amount in the long run and makes for an attractive business proposition to many investors.

Activ Net Marketing

One of the big online businesses to look out for is Activ Net Marketing. A digital marketing specialist, the franchise consists of approximately 28 franchise units and is always looking for new candidates to grow the company. With over 10 years of experience, the franchisor is accustomed to supporting franchisees across the UK. An Activ Net Marketing franchise will set investors back approximately £10,000.

4. Digital real estate business ideas

Though brick and mortar real estate franchises have been popular for a considerable amount of time, 2019 saw the rise of digital real estate business. As digital technology becomes easier to access, small start-ups are better able to manage their business operations online and no longer require a physical location to carry out their business. Likewise, as customers become increasingly accustomed to performing tasks online, theyíll move away from traditional real estate agents towards the more affordable online estate agents who can offer them a better deal.

Century 21

In recent years, online real estate franchises have become increasingly popular. Century 21 is at the forefront of this industry and has proven an exceptionally astute investment for the large number of franchisees who have already committed. With 15 years of experience, they've acquired more than enough property expertise to ensure that all of their franchisees have a good chance of success. Launching a Century 21 franchise unit costs approximately £100,000 in total.

5. Innovative business ideas

The franchising sector has always been a breeding ground for creative business ideas, and this is unlikely to change in 2020. Thatís why our fifth and final top tip for next year is to contemplate investing in one of the many ground-breaking franchises on the market.

One Element

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to an innovative enterprise. One Element has taken the fitness industry back to basics and, in the process, come up with one of the most innovative business ideas in recent years. Stripping the fitness concept back to its bare bones, One Element provides fitness classes outdoors to communities around the local area. With a diverse and continuously changing range of exercise routines, franchisees offer a unique fitness experience, where two classes are never the same. Franchisees will be required to invest around £16,000 to open their own franchise unit.

Canine Creche

This franchise puts manís best friend at the centre of everything that it does. This innovative franchise offers an alternative to kennelling when it comes to looking after our precious pooches. There is a big market in the UK for pet services and as a nation we are prepared to part with a hefty amount of cash. According to Statista, 45 percent of us own pet and 26 percent own a dog. Thatís a lot of dogs that may need looking after at some point, for instance when their owners are on holiday or in hospital.

Canine Creche is the go-to brand of many; last year the number of dog visits exceeded 20,000 and overnight stays exceeded 3,600. To ensure that the dogs are safe at all times, there are viewing panels, CCTV and security procedures to give owners some reassurance.

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