Prince Louis Has Been Named But What Will You Call Your New Franchise?

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Franchise names - what to call your franchise

Born on 23rd April 2018, the third child of William and Kate has now been named. Little Louis Arthur Charles will formally be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.

It took four days for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to name the new prince giving bookies the chance to take bets, with Arthur, James and Philip amongst the favourites. Although Louis isn't a traditional Windsor name, it's still a safe choice for the Royals.

Louis is, in fact, one of the middle names of Prince William and Louis big brother, George. It was also the first name of Lord Mountbatten, the much-loved great-uncle of Prince Charles, who was tragically killed by the IRA in 1979.

Naming your franchise

And just like a baby, your business has probably given you sleepless nights while youve been building up your customer base and reputation. And now you feel the time is right to turn your business into one of the popular franchises available for other budding entrepreneurs to invest in.

But how do you decide what to call your new franchise? You may have been operating under a name for some time, but now you have the opportunity to choose something that will attract the attention of both customers and prospective franchisees alike.

Here are some franchise ideas for names that will get you noticed.

Give your franchise a title

Lets not worry about establishing first name terms, for your franchise to have an air of authority take the formal route by putting Mr' in the title. This is particularly popular with maintenance and repair businesses, and the following franchise investment opportunities are great examples of how the inclusion of a title can give reassurance that theyll get the job done.

Mr. Handyman

With over 500 franchisees all over the world, this home repairs and maintenance franchise is a globally recognised and trusted brand. This is the perfect franchise investment for those who want to work in the home maintenance industry but prefer not to get their hands dirty. Mr. Handyman franchisees are responsible for winning business and then assigning skilled technicians to work on the orders.

Mr Electric

For those who have always wanted to start their own business as an electrician but arent sure where to start, then this could be a great franchise opportunity. Investors get the chance to join over 200 other franchisees worldwide and become a part of Mr Electric, the leader in the electrical services industry.

Go one further and give your franchise a degree.

If Mr gives a franchise business the stamp of authority, then choosing to give your franchise a doctorate will go one step further. Prospective customers will be more likely to trust and respect a business that includes the word doctor as it exudes confidence and expertise. Here are a couple of great examples.

Business Doctors

Just like a real doctor cares and nurtures their patients, Business Doctors do the same for small businesses. If budding entrepreneurs are interested in making a franchise investment which will see them use their skills and experience to help others to grow and develop, then this could be just what theyve been looking for. Franchisees can genuinely make a difference to other small business owners chances of success and profitability.

Cleaning Doctor

This is a low-cost franchise opportunity with unlimited earnings potential. Cleaning Doctor franchisees can choose to invest in one, or more, of the four franchise packages available which specialise in different areas of cleaning; from floors to windows. This allows them to start off small and build their business at their own pace by adding extra services as they expand.

Get down with the kids.

Texting is now the most common form of communication used by adults under the age of 50 in the UK. An excellent way for your franchise to appeal to the younger generation is to incorporate texting language into your business title. The name of your franchise is crucial, so it needs to make sense and be relevant to your business. Here are some popular franchises who have successfully shortened their names by using text language.


Cafe2U is a mobile coffee franchise allowing franchisees to move their business to where potential customers are. As pioneers in the coffee industry and with more than 250 franchisees worldwide, this is one of the most popular franchises for coffee lovers who want to own their own caf but dont want the expensive overheads.


This is the perfect investment for those who are passionate about the environment and are looking for franchise ideas that are aligned with their values and beliefs. SolarPanels4U specialises in the distribution of renewable and sustainable power equipment and are looking for sales-orientated franchisees who have a desire to reduce our carbon footprint.

Franchise ideas to give your business the magic touch

If all else fails, you can dazzle your prospective customers with the promise of a truly magical service. Choose a name that will enchant and captivate your audience like these successful franchises.


Magicman is one of the leading hard service repair companies in the UK. Franchisees learn how to repair, renew and restore damaged surfaces such as metal, stone, uPVC, wood and glass. With access to innovative equipment to transform almost any surface, Magicman can cater to both domestic and commercial customers.

Oven Wizards

This van-based franchise gives franchisees the freedom of owning their own business with the flexibility to work where and when they want. Oven Wizards was established in 2014 and already has over 40 franchisees up and down the country. And with 26 million households in the UK, there is still plenty of business for new franchisees to join this growing franchise opportunity.


Of course, your name is hugely significant, but it can be changed. What is harder to put right is your franchise system, so spend time and effort on developing your business to be the best franchise opportunity it can be.

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