Mythbusters: You Canít Be Autonomous

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Our Mythbusters series focuses on clarifying any misconceptions you may have about starting a franchise. In this article, we focus on debunking the idea that franchisees do not have any independence. In fact, there are a lot more ways you can be autonomous than you might have realised.

It is true that when it comes to starting a franchise, you need to adhere by the franchise guidelines and do the brand justice. You will need to give the franchisor performance statistics whilst running your business and, given their consistent support throughout the process, you are essentially always under their supervision.

However, this does not mean youíre not granted other advantages or ways of being autonomous. Given that 88 percent of franchisees agree that they enjoy operating their business, the franchise way is clearly a good path to take when starting up your own business.

Breaking down the myth

Franchisees are autonomous in many ways, from leading your own team to using your own skills and specialisms to build your business. Your business is still treated as independent but you are provided tools and resources by the franchisor in order to adhere to the brand guidelines. The training and resources are a tried and tested resource in helping you build your success. Itís important for franchisees to welcome support with open arms while still understanding the ways they are independent and how they are responsible for running the individual outletís staff and operations.

The fact that so much training and support is offered to franchisees means they are empowered to succeed. Franchise owners canít supervise individual franchisees all the time, so giving them more autonomy is an essential way of allowing individuals to build their skills and gain experience. After all, the best way to learn is to get stuck in and give it a go.

Did you know? 90 percent of franchises make a profit within the first two years.

Franchises differ from one another in how autonomous they will let you be. Letís take a look at some examples of franchise opportunities that allow greater independence.

Franchises that allow you more autonomy

1. Tubz Vending

This vending machine franchise allows a lot of room for independence. Often with franchises you get to choose your working schedule, and this franchise is a perfect example. Tubz Vending allows the franchisee to choose whether they want the venture to be part-time or full-time. As thereís minimal staff involved, there arenít too many regulations to adhere by. Your vending towers will be active 24-hours a day, seven days a week, so no matter where you are, they will be making the income for you.

You also have the freedom to choose which types of vending towers you want to invest in, as the company has launched as healthy-snack version of their usual sweet-treat based ones.

2. Razzamataz

Established in 2000, this education franchise for performing arts is a great opportunity for those looking for an autonomous business venture without setting their own up from scratch. The franchise allows franchisees passionate about any of the performing arts to teach their skills and specialism to children in the most engaging and effective way possible. Franchisee, Victoria Cooper-Jones, for example, says the franchise allowed her to use her experience as a former ballet teacher and transfer those skills over to how the school should teach young children in a way that allows them the freedom to explore and develop their own talents.

3. Happy Angel

This cleaning franchise allows franchisees the independence to recruit staff. The concept of the franchise is to match cleaners with clients, depending on the services, abilities and needs of both parties. A huge part of the job is sourcing reputable cleaning services that reflect the brandís ethos. This is a principal responsibility of the franchisee, giving them more independence in the reputation of their specific business.

4. Noa Noa

The basis of this fashion franchise is the power and independence it gives to women. In the same way, the franchisee may experience this independence. Although store concepts are provided by the franchisor, as well as a visit from Store Designer, Christian Baumann, who will assure that it reflects the brandís image, the franchise want its franchisees to have the freedom to express themselves. However, as the franchisee you will work alongside Baumann to draw up a plan of the interior designs and fittings. The Noa Noa franchise concept is very much one of Ďtogethernessí Ė they want their like-minded, fashionable franchisees to add their own personal touch to every store.

5. The Dreamy Den Company

This personal service franchise offers sleepover and party experiences to children and their families. The quirky concept requires someone with a fun-loving attitude and an entrepreneurial mind. Although the company will provide you with tried-and-tested dens and environmentally-friendly resources, as well as marketing resources, your personal twist on the party is up to you. Provided the feel of the parties reflects the brand image, as you will have more of idea on what that is upon training and further support, it is ultimately a more autonomous and creative venture.

Become a franchisee today

Itís important to bear in mind that 50 percent of independent businesses go bust within the first two years. Although this route will allow you more autonomy as you will not have to adhere to the guidelines of an already-established brand concept, the benefits of starting a franchise seem to far outweigh this than running your own business from scratch. 90 percent of franchises make a profit within the first two years. As a franchisee, the support and training you receive will guarantee you a success thatís worth the sacrifice on some autonomy.

Point Franchise offers a wealth of franchise opportunities. If youíre interested in starting a franchise and becoming financially autonomous, please click here to discover the range of alternative options we offer in our franchise directory.

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