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juice bar london

Juice bars are becoming a familiar sight on the British high street. Tapping into a market that caters for health-conscious consumers, juice bars benefit from increasing interest in the impact of what we put into our bodies. Food outlets providing healthier menu options are often more successful than their less healthy counterparts correspondingly, food outlets use of the word health has increased by 115 percent in the last five years (Technomic).

Offering glorious combinations of pressed and blended fruits, juice bars offer consumers results that are not just physical, but mental too. The benefits of juice drinks are clear-cut: they help to boost immunity, brain function and mood, as well as aid digestion, enhance complexion and even improve quality of sleep.

Juices and smoothies can provide customers with a high proportion of the vitamins and minerals that are important for a healthy diet. And because smoothies are made by blending the actual flesh of the fruit or vegetable rather than just harvesting the juice, customers receive a thick drink thats full of fibre and protein, reducing the craving for unhealthy snacks between meals.

Juice drinks are also hydrating, helping to boost consumers water intake and presenting a healthy alternative to tea or coffee. Whats more, juice bars are known for their beautiful, artisan drinks and trendy, sophisticated dcor. The brightly-coloured drinks make for perfect social media snaps that are bound to be the envy of friends and followers alike.

Juice Bars in London

One of the most popular places for juice bars is the capital, where there is always an abundance of busy commuters and tourists looking for quick and healthy refreshments.

Detox Kitchen

Detox Kitchen has two stores one in Kingly Street and one in Mortimer Street in London and boasts food that will make you feel like the best version of yourself. Established in 2012, Detox Kitchen serves walk-in customers from its deli bar as well as offering a delivery service. Nutrition is top priority for this company, that ensures that its entire offering is free from wheat, dairy and refined sugars.

As well fresh fruit juice, smoothies and smoothie bowls, customers at Detox Kitchen can purchase tea and coffee, and a range of healthy food dishes, including protein-rich egg wraps, salads, stews, build-your-own granola, museli and bircher bowls, and sweet treats.

Portobello Juice Caf

Open daily, this juice bar is situated in Notting Hill, the trendy London district known for its appreciation of the fashionable, the bohemian and the eclectic. Portobello Juice Caf lives up to the areas reputation, providing customers with smoothies and protein shakes, alongside salads, sandwiches, soups, create-your-own dishes and a selection of vegan dishes.

Customers will see a wide range of ingredients on this juice bars menu, including matcha, spinach, pumpkin and for those in search of something more indulgent Oreos and Snickers bars. Portobello Juice Caf also likes to keep it local, exclusively using fruit and vegetables from Portobello Market and displaying the work of local, emerging artists.

Opportunities at Point Franchise

Unfortunately, there are currently no dedicated juice bars available at Point Franchise, but there are many opportunities to invest in a restaurant franchise that offers juice and smoothies alongside other menu items.


Although this franchise is mainly dedicated to crpes, customers will find a number of healthy smoothies on its menu. Alongside freshly-squeezed orange juice and decadent milkshakes topped with cream and Oreos, Crpeaffaires smoothie selection includes strawberry and banana; passionfruit, mango and pineapple; and strawberry, raspberry and blackberry. Smoothie connoisseurs will also enjoy Crpeaffaires green smoothie, made with kale, spinach and mango. Whats more, Crpeaffaires smoothies will look great on social media, as they are served in a mason jar with a biodegradable paper straw.

Investors interested in adding to Crpeaffaires collection of 15 UK stores will need to make a total investment of £200,000 and pay a franchise fee of £16,000. Crpeaffaire has the potential to be a highly successful business venture because crpes are in demand throughout the day, and the brands versatile business model allows franchisees to launch their branch in sites with a small footprint, eliminating the need for an expensive kitchen fit-out before the store opens.


As the worlds largest milkshake bar company, Shakeaway has a huge menu of drinks, including teas, coffees, hot chocolates, protein powder shakes, and dairy and gluten-free shakes. The milkshake franchise also has a dedicated menu of smoothies made with real fruit, crushed ice and fat-free frozen yoghurt.

Shakeaways range of smoothies includes blackberry and blueberry; pineapple and grapefruit; and mango and lime, but customers can also create their own by choosing their favourite flavours from a selection of fruits. Smoothies listed on Shakeaways menu can also be finished with a free topping, or matcha, oats or wheatgerm for an extra 59p.

Shakeaway is a rapidly expanding brand with 20 years of experience, 33 stores in the UK and four internationally, and the aim of launching more in locations such as South Africa, India and Thailand. The milkshake franchise is on the lookout for both franchisees and master franchisees, creating the opportunity for substantial returns on investments. A minimum investment of £50,000 is required to get a Shakeaway franchise up and running, as well as £25,000 in franchise fees. This will give investors access to Shakeaways support network of experienced Shakeaway team members.


Those on the hunt for something slightly different could find what theyre after at Mooboo. This bubble tea franchise was launched in 2012 and now has 14 UK outlets achieving an average turnover of almost £80,000. As well as serving up fruit and milk variations of bubble tea, the brand also has a range of blended ice smoothies in exotic flavours, including lychee, matcha, coconut and taro.

With an initial minimum investment of £39,950 and a further yearly fee of £30,000, franchisees will benefit from an extensive training scheme which covers product information, business operations, marketing and IT. Mooboo represents an opportunity to invest in the UKs growing bubble tea trend, which, if taken advantage of, could yield great results.

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