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Franchisees finding your busineess

As a franchisor, creating consistent and dependable techniques to attract franchisees is crucial to your success. But enticing quality and committed franchisees takes time, effort and money, so whats the most effective way of grabbing the attention of the right partner for your franchise?

How to promote your business to franchisees

With digital tech bringing businesses more opportunities to promote their products and services than ever before, franchises need to have an online strategy. Thats crucial if you want to catch the eye of potential franchisees from all across the country, or even the world.

But thats not to say that more traditional advertising has had its day. Both forms of promotion have their own distinct benefits, and for a business to maximise its exposure, it needs to take advantage of both.

Lets have a look at how your franchise can promote itself to new franchisees through online and print advertising.

How to promote your franchise online

In this increasingly digital age, youll be left behind if you dont keep up with innovative franchise brands that are dominating the internet.

Going online to promote your business gives you the same potential for generating interest as even the biggest and most popular franchises. This is thanks to complicated online algorithms that allow imaginative and original campaigns to outperform even the largest of marketing budgets.

Here are some tips for developing your online recruitment activity:

1. Develop an eye-catching website

The power of a well-designed website should not be underestimated. Prospective franchisees will do most of their research online and if your website looks unprofessional, they will assume that the way you run your business is too.

Your website should be uncomplicated, clean and easy to navigate so that visitors can quickly understand why they should consider becoming your franchisee.

2. Give franchisees a reason to visit your website

Writing regular educational and informative blogs is a great way to engage with potential franchisees and give them a reason to visit your website. Publishing keyword-rich articles will also improve your website rank position in Google and the other search engines. This enables you to reach a wider audience and increase your chances of attracting the right type of franchisee.

3. Promote via social media

Its impossible to ignore the influence that social media has on franchise brands in todays digital age. By using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can share your blogs and other franchise information to build relationships with potential franchisee candidates. Social media platforms offer an informal way for your audience to ask questions and get to know your business.

Traditional recruitment methods shouldnt be overlooked

When it comes to recruitment, businesses all over the country have benefited from traditional recruitment methods that have served them well for years. Even with the rise of digital recruitment techniques, the conventional approach still has worth.

1. Represent your business at franchise exhibitions

A great way to make connections and to meet people who are interested in franchising is to attend franchise exhibitions. Not only will you get the chance to meet lots of potential franchisees, but youll also have the opportunity to learn from other franchisors that are exhibiting who may have more experience than you.

The BFA (British Franchise Association) hosts a range of franchise exhibitions across the calendar year. If you want to network with aspiring franchisees, this is the best industry event in the UK to get talking with the latest business talent.

Heres a list of the BFAs upcoming franchise exhibitions:

  • 4th 5th October 2019: The National Franchise Exhibition (NEC Birmingham)
  • 31st January 1st February 2020: The British & International Franchise Exhibition (Olympia London)
  • 13th 14th March 2020: The National Franchise Exhibition (NEC Birmingham)
  • 12th 12th June 2020: The Northern Franchise Exhibition (EventCity, Manchester)

2. Invest in print advertising

It may seem very old school, but advertising in the publications that your target audience reads provides you with access to a much broader audience than limiting your marketing to online only.

Ensure you have a specific landing page set up on your website so that you can track the traffic that you receive as a result of the printed advert and confidently decide if the cost is worth the return.

3. Network

Networking is one of the oldest and most cost-effective marketing methods around. By attending local business events, youll reap the benefits of spreading the word of your franchise without spending a penny.

How to sell your business to potential franchisees

The best marketing activity in the world may attract prospective franchisees, but if their initial interaction with you is a negative experience, theyll simply move on to the next franchise opportunity.

Be sure to demonstrate that youre one of the reputable franchise brands. Prospective franchisees are interested in franchisors who operate popular franchises, but they also want to be associated with a genuine and transparent business partner.

Being a member of the British Franchise Association (BFA) is a great way to prove to potential franchisees that, as a franchisor, youre serious about your reputation. Membership of the BFA will also enable you to attend franchise exhibitions with other ethical and responsible franchisors. This will allow you to share your franchise opportunity with entrepreneurs who are seeking a franchise opportunity right now.

First impressions matter

Also, its important to make a good first impression. Make sure any documentation you send out to prospective franchisees is detailed and professional. Successful franchise brands should have nothing to hide and so providing as much information as you can will help franchisee candidates make an informed decision about whether theyre the right fit for your business.

Promote your franchisee training programme

Finally, the appeal of your franchise opportunity will be increased if prospective franchisees can see that there is a robust training plan in place. Knowing that the training and support structure thats in place is comprehensive and ongoing will give candidates the comfort that they will have all the backing they need to make their new venture a success.

Leverage your business reputation

When youre a franchisor looking to recruit quality franchisees, youre in competition with every other franchisor in your area. This is why building a strong reputation can prove to be your biggest asset when youre marketing your franchise opportunity.

Having a culture of trust, an existing workforce of profitable franchisees and a professional operation will make you stand out from the crowd. Your success will be infectious and prospective franchisees will be drawn to you.

Thats why its so important to continually invest in your brand. Doing that means that youll also always be at the front of entrepreneurs minds when they are researching opportunities.

Aspiring franchisees have a lot to consider when theyre selecting a business to invest in. These include:

  • Brand popularity. If theyre going to be forking out thousands of pounds just to carry a trademark, potential franchisees want to know that theyre investing in a brand that drives sales. Doing so will guarantee customers coming through the door from day one.
  • Brand reputation. For many aspiring franchisees, the brand that theyre investing in is going to need more than just popularity. Its also going to need to have a strong track record in producing a quality service or product. By buying the rights to operate under the name of a trusted brand, franchisees are saving the years of hard work that it takes to build a reputable business.
  • Value for money. As with anybody in business, people entering franchising want to strike a good deal. As starting a franchise is a long-term investment, they need to know that theyre going to enjoy sizeable returns on their original investment. Any franchisor that offers a sub-standard business opportunity is going to lose out to the more cost-effective business plans offered by competitors.
  • Opportunities for growth. Most franchisees are looking for more out of a franchise than a steady living. They want to find a franchise package that shows a clear and well-trodden route to expansion. Thats why the most popular franchisors offer concrete opportunities for franchisees to expand into new territories, open new units or even to become a master franchisor in a new country.

Potential franchisees will look through many franchises before deciding. Its up to you to make a case for your franchise that stands out amongst heaps of other options.

Our network is packed with a variety of thriving franchisors that are doing everything they can to catch the eye of new franchisees. Lets have a look at two examples:

The Incredible Ice Cream Company

The Incredible Ice Cream Company is offering an innovative new way for budding entrepreneurs to open their own mobile business. Alongside its static packages, this ice cream franchise is giving franchisees the chance to open a mobile ice cream bar that can be taken to corporate events, weddings and family parties.


Jani-King is another franchise that is proving popular amongst prospective franchisees thanks to its dynamic range of franchise packages. To appeal to all budgets, the cleaning franchise is offering both unit and master franchises. Interested entrepreneurs can scale their Jani-King franchise according to the amount of cash that they have to hand and the size of their budget.

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