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Filtafry franchise information article

FiltaFry is a franchise opportunity that has little or no competition. By introducing micro-filtration to the UK in 1996, FiltaFry is firmly established as the industry leader worldwide and one of the pioneering green franchises.

Now over 60 franchisees up and down the country run a FiltaFry franchise safe in the knowledge that they have a very differentiated business. And with a large customer base including restaurants, hotels, schools and hospitals, the earning and growth potential is enormous.

If youre looking for a mobile business that is based on repeat business, then opening a franchise with FiltaFry could be for you. Here are some more details to help you decide if this is the right opportunity.

Why you should consider a FiltaFry franchise

Opening a franchise with FiltaFry not only offers you the opportunity to own and operate a truly differentiated business but has many other benefits too. Firstly, you get to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss. As youll be mobile, you can choose when and where you work and arrange your schedule to fit around other commitments.

You can also choose to grow your business at your own pace. You can start with one van and build up a strong customer base who provide a stable income through repeat business on a weekly basis. As your confidence and business grow, you can choose to purchase additional vans and operate a multi-van franchise. You can hire employees to provide the micro-filtration service to your customers while you take more of a managerial role and concentrate on continuing to expand your franchise.

Finally, youll get to benefit from investing in an internationally recognised brand. And as green franchises go, FiltaFry is well-established and well-known all over the world. In 2003 the original FiltaFry founders relocated to the US to expand beyond the UK. FiltaFry is now on every continent around the world with over 350 franchisees representing the brand.

Why customers should use FiltaFry

When food is fried in oil, it tends to be used for a couple of days and then thrown away, so the fryers can be cleaned. This is inconvenient and costly, both financially and for the environment.

As a FiltaFry franchisee, you'll provide an invaluable service for businesses such as restaurants, airports, universities, and many more. Youll offer a complete fryer management service which includes a full assessment of every prospective customers kitchen to provide a consistent, reliable and safe filtration solution.

Your van will be fitted with a waste oil collection tank allowing you to dispose of hot or cold cooking oil for your customers. This waste oil is then recycled into either Bio Diesel or other forms of renewable energy. Furthermore, youll supply your customers will fresh oil so that they can continue their business with no hassle or additional cost.

As well as saving your customers time and effort, you also help to maintain their quality levels. Manual filtration can result in food safety issues and employee safety concerns.

Whats required?

There is no typical type of franchisee that is ideal for a FiltaFry franchise. Current franchisees have come from a range of different backgrounds, bringing a wide variety of skills and experience to the role.

The traits that are needed to make your franchise a success are determination and persistence. As this is a service-based business, you also have to possess good people and communication skills. It's also essential that you share the same morals as FiltaFry by demonstrating integrity and honesty at all times.

Youll be taught how to use the simple FiltaFry franchise systems, so you need to be willing to learn with the ability to pick new skills up quickly. This will allow you to get your business off to the best possible start and develop your franchise over time.

Joining process

FiltaFry has built up a reputation as one of the leading green franchises and so have a comprehensive recruitment process to find the right franchisees. Here is an overview of the steps youll take to become a franchisee:

  • Once youve reviewed the FiltaFry website and prospectus, you can express your interest by completing the online application form.
  • One of the FiltaFry team will call you to discuss the franchise fees as well as your preferred territory and availability.
  • If you're both still happy to progress, you'll be given the opportunity to perform any necessary due diligence including the chance to speak with active franchises from within the network.
  • Next, youll get to meet the team during a Discovery Day at FiltaFry Head Office.
  • Now it's time to make it official, so youll receive an offer letter and a sample franchise agreement to review.
  • Once the franchise agreement is signed, you can pay your franchise fee and purchase a van.
  • Finally, youll attend your training so that you have all the necessary know-how to launch your new business.

Training programme

Once the franchise agreement has been signed, you'll receive full training before opening a franchise with FiltaFry. The training programme consists of:

  • Comprehensive two-week training programme: One week will be classroom based and one week will be spent learning on the job with an existing franchisee.
  • On-going eight-week development plan: Youll get to work with an independent coach and mentoring specialist to help you develop your sales skills and set your personal development goals.
  • Assistance to launch your business from a personal business development manager.
  • Telephony support available for any sales and business queries.
  • Online support through a bespoke CRM / electronic invoicing system.

Financial information

If youre sure that this franchise opportunity is right for you, an exclusive territory is available from just £14,950. As well as the initial franchise fee youll pay a fixed royalty fee of £500 per month to fund the ongoing support that youll receive and the continued development of the franchise system.

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