Q&A: Does FiltaFry Franchise in the UK?

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Filtafry franchise information article

Founded in 1996, the FiltaFry franchise has become the most successful total fryer management service, with over 350 franchisees globally. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enter the world of franchising, but does it franchise in the UK?

In over twenty years, the shape of the FiltaFry business has changed a huge amount. In 2003, the original founders migrated to North America, bringing their brand to every continent. Now, in 2021, the franchise serves over 7,000 customers every week. Such a thriving business would be the perfect investment for a new franchisee - but does FiltaFry franchise in the UK?

Over the last twenty plus years, the Filtafry business has substantially grown. Every week, it now serves over 7,000 customers, and in 2003, the original founders migrated to North America meaning that FiltaFry can be found across the world. Due to its environmentally friendly approach, FiltaFry is well-recognised in the food and hospitality industry. 

Does FiltaFry franchise? 

Yes, FiltaFry does franchise in the UK. In fact, the company is constantly on the lookout for new investors. From its headquarters in Warwickshire, FiltaFry is searching for franchisees to operate far and wide across the UK.

After 3 years of being a FiltaFry franchisee, I feel I made the right decision. [...] As with all business, being a franchisee has its ups and downs but the rewards are extensive. I work for myself, I have everything I need to be successful at my fingertips. I would have no hesitation in recommending a FiltaFry franchise to anyone who would like to work for themselves and has the drive and determination to succeed.
—Fraser Robertson, Lanark FiltaFry

History of FiltaFry 

The van-based franchise was established in 1996. FiltaFry offers on-site micro-filtration of cooking oils, as well as a vacuum-based deep clean for fryers. FiltaFry’s quality of service provision, combined with its long-standing ethical commitments and eco-friendly practices, mean there’s little to no competition on their level, in its area of expertise.

The franchise remains continually dedicated to making its business, and the planet, more eco-friendly. In fact, FiltaFry has recycled over 0.25 billion litres of oil and counting, and reduces energy consumption and food waste by extending the life of its cooking oil, turning it into biodiesel.

Since the pandemic, over 60% of people have reported making environmentally friendly, sustainable or ethical purchases [Accenture]. If you’re looking to make an investment in a future-proof franchise, you’ll want to choose a franchise that’s taking the environment into consideration. FiltaFry is a fantastic choice.

The mobile franchise is also committed to increasing profitability by continually assessing and improving its kitchen solutions and diversifying its offerings. In the last few years, on top of the FiltaFry (Cooking oil filtration and fryer management), FiltaBio (Waste oil collection) and FiltaGold (Fresh oil supply) services, the franchise has introduced knife sharpening and chemical supply services, too. Over 60 franchisees are now operating throughout the UK, with a large customer base spanning:

  • Restaurants, takeaways, pubs and hotels

  • Offices, schools, colleges and universities

  • Hospitals, stadiums, airports and motorway service stations

The biggest customer benefits to hiring FiltaFry are:

  • Frying costs reduced

  • Health and safety risks minimised

  • Fryer management and food quality improved

  • Employee retention improved

  • Workplace hygiene improved

Starting a FiltaFry franchise unit

Becoming a franchisee with a company which promotes sustainability is an exciting prospect. Though running a franchise can be difficult, knowing that you’re supported by a franchisor with a proven business model will make things a thousand times easier for you. 

Becoming a FiltaFry franchisee

If you’re interested in making an investment in the FiltaFry franchise, but are wondering whether you’d be a suitable franchisee, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I determined?

2. Am I persistent?

3. Am I a quick learner?

4. Am I good with customers?

5. Am I confident?

6. Am I service orientated? 

7. Am I honest?

If you can answer yes to all seven questions, there’s no doubt that you’ll be an excellent fit for the FiltaFry franchise network. FiltaFry isn’t interested in your experience and previous job titles – the franchise is much more interested in who you are as a person. Franchising with FiltaFry comes with many added benefits beyond the chance to run your own business, including:

  • Minimal overheads and stock 

  • International recognition

  • Simple administration

  • Environmentally friendly practices 

  • Membership of the IFA, the AFA and the BFA

How much do you need to invest? 

To invest in FiltaFry, you’ll need a minimum of £5,000. The total investment is £14,950, with a fee of £500 per month in royalty fees. Funding support is available, and most banks in the UK will lend up to 70% of a start-up investment. 

What do you get for your investment?

New franchisees with FiltaFry will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive two-week training programme (one week in the classroom, followed by one week in the field with an experienced franchisee) 

  • An ongoing eight-week development plan 

  • Technical, sales and business support hotlines 

  • Start up support from a personal Business Development Manager 

  • Online support with a bespoke CRM/electronic invoicing system 

  • An exclusive operational territory 

During the critical start-up period, Filtafry delivered the full package in terms of classroom and in-field training to enable me to operate my business successfully and start earning money from day one. I can honestly say that FiltaFry has delivered on every aspect of the support that [it] promised with the onus then on me to make a success of the venture. This is exactly what I was looking for in a franchise. For me the acid test of this franchise is whether I will sign up for a further five year license and the answer is a resounding yes!
—Graham Allen, East Sussex FiltaFry

Start your FiltaFry journey today

FiltaFry is a growing, environmentally friendly franchise which offers investors flexibility and profitability in equal measure. If reading this article has piqued your interest in the franchising process, but you’re not sure that FiltaFry is the right fit, explore Point Franchise’s UK franchise directory to discover the wide range of investment opportunities available to you.

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