Five Benefits of Having a Franchise Mentor

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Franchise mentor

 As a franchisor running a growing operation, recruiting more and more franchisees, hiring a franchise mentor just makes sense. As a franchisee, having a franchise mentor guarantees you provision of dedicated support. With a franchise mentor on board, both parties win.

The support of a franchise mentor helps everyone involved in the franchising operation. Franchise mentors free up franchisors to focus on bigger picture business management and development, and support franchisees whenever they’re in need of help or guidance. 

What is a franchise mentor?

So, what exactly is a franchise mentor? And what does a franchise mentor do? Put simply: A franchise mentor is a vital part of keeping the business running, supporting franchisees and acting as a point of contact between franchisor and franchisee. Delegation is one of the biggest keys to success, and when franchisors delegate to franchise mentors, they can better provide for the needs of their franchisees.

Mentoring is a proven method of success in the business world, and the concept of a franchise mentor capitalises on this, bringing the value of mentoring to the franchising industry. 60% of UK business leaders have had a mentor, and 97% have benefitted from receiving good advice [Development Dimensions International]. 

A franchise mentor might be an experienced existing franchisee with first-hand information to pass on, or a member of the franchise management team with specialist training in business growth and personal development. The kind of franchise mentor that a franchisor should hire will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The nature of the franchisor’s business and the industry in which it operates
  • The existing requirements for franchisees
  • The training and support already provided to franchisees

Those who accompany you on your business journey are just as vital to the success of your business as you are. Investing in your workforce leads to an army of talent who are committed to you and the company.
 Paula Conway

Do I need a franchise mentor?

As a franchisee, you might be wondering: Why do I need a franchise mentor? What will they do for me? The answer is quite a lot. There are many benefits, from a franchisee perspective, to having a franchise mentor. And these benefits in turn improve the working life of the franchisor by decreasing the number of responsibilities that they need to fulfill each day and ensuring franchise-wide success through the provision of support to each franchisee.

5 key benefits of having a franchise mentor

1. You’ll have someone to turn to with any query, particularly when you’re settling in

Entering into an established business can feel overwhelming, and in a worst case scenario, isolating. A franchise mentor will prevent this eventuality. Franchise training and support will be clearly presented to you at every stage, and you’ll always know who you can turn to. You might also find yourself less intimidated by the idea of going to your franchise mentor with a problem, as opposed to reaching out to your new franchisor. With a mentoring system in place for new franchisees, you’ll receive all the support that you need.

2. You’ll have access to a listening ear and a source of positive reinforcement

Mentoring is all about encouragement and confidence-building. After a long, hard day, knowing you’re doing well can make a big difference. Even the most competent, intelligent and on-track franchisees are sometimes in need of reassurance, and recognition and praise are important inclusions when it comes to fostering a positive business culture and guaranteeing franchise success.

3. You’ll be able to use your franchise mentor as a unique learning resource 

Of course, before investing in any franchise, you’ll need to do your research and due diligence. But even when you’re on board and working hard, you’ll have more to learn. Books, workshops and tutorials are all excellent resources in their own rights, but a franchise mentor with experience to share presents an unparalleled chance to learn and grow as a franchisee. Franchise mentors are trained to communicate effectively, and to teach with ease. 

4. Your franchise mentor will help you to connect with the wider franchise network 

Some franchises do little to connect their franchisees, but ties to the wider network can be hugely useful for business success, providing a window into what is and isn’t working for others, and making you feel less alone in your efforts. A franchise mentor will help to connect up franchisees, allowing everyone in the network to benefit from peer-to-peer learning and assistance, and fostering a working culture of confident, comfortable communication.

5. You’ll have a point of open, honest communication with management

This is arguably the most important benefit of a franchise mentor. You’ll always have a point of contact, and an open, honest relationship to turn to in difficult moments. If you have, for example, a grievance with your franchisor, you won’t need to raise it directly with them, and can instead ask your franchise mentor to step in and mediate to find a solution. When communication comes readily and easily, conflicts are resolved quickly and simply. And who doesn’t that benefit?

How to find a good franchise mentor

Franchisees looking to make an external hire for the role of franchise mentor should know that the job can be extensive and demanding, and must only be given to a truly suitable and competent candidate. Find a good franchise mentor to support your hard-working franchisees by:

  • Doing your research 
  • Identifying goals that need to be met
  • Being specific and concrete about what you’re looking for in a franchise mentor
  • Looking for relevant managerial and sector-specific experience
  • Ensuring that the candidate aligns with your brand values and ethos
  • Ensuring that the candidate is a good communicator
  • Confirming that the candidate would bring real passion and dedication to the role 

The benefits of a franchise mentor’s assistance are many and various

Running your own business is equal parts rewarding and demanding. But whether you’re a franchisor or a franchisee, this article proves that the role of a franchise mentor can make life easier for you and enhance your professional success. Discover more franchising business tips via Point Franchise’s wide range of articles.

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