5 Advantages of Running a Food Franchise

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The British food sector is one of the UK’s most lucrative areas and there are many large franchises operating within it. If you’re thinking about running your own food franchise, but aren’t sure if a franchise is the right choice, here is a list of key advantages to opening your own franchise.

The UK food sector is one of the biggest in the country. Even between lockdowns, Brits continued to spend big in the food sector, with the total bill coming to £103 billion in 2020 [Statista].

It’s no surprise, then, that franchising opportunities in the UK are some of the most sought after in the country. As a franchisee for a large national business, you’ll be able to immediately set up shop as part of a trusted, well-run and profitable enterprise, meaning you can avoid many of the biggest shortcomings independent and local businesses face. 

If you’re looking to start your own food business, here are another five key advantages to running your own food franchise.

Running a food franchise in 2021

It’s no secret that the food industry was hit hard by the pandemic. Many restaurants were forced to close temporarily, while others have closed their doors permanently. However, as we all look forward to eating out again, the food sector is almost certainly going to be one of the big industries to gain.

Recent market research by Ibis has shown that the food sector is expected to grow over the next few months and years [Ibis]. So if you’re looking to start your own food franchise, or are wondering what an average day would look like, now is the right time to invest in a food franchise.

5 advantages of running a food franchise

1. Future growth

According to Ibis, the food sector saw a revenue fall of 11% since the start of the pandemic and that loss has had a notable impact on the market. But, with one eye on the future, many forecasts are predicting that the food sector will make a strong recovery over the coming months. 

Eventually, this sector will recover and although it might take some time, it will likely reach pre-pandemic profitability once again. This means that you need to be looking ahead to the years of growth still to come. In order to put your business in the right position to capitalise on this growing market, you should be looking to get set up now.

Essentially, consumers miss dining out and they’ll return. But their behaviors have changed and they’re not changing back. That means restaurants are going to have to master the art of balance now more than ever.
—Alicia Kelso, Forbes

2. The market is changing

Businesses have had to adapt and innovate in order to survive, and as a result, many eateries are now offering new dishes. Lots of consumers are also taking the time to re-evaluate their eating habits, meaning more and more restaurants and food establishments are offering vegetarian and vegan options. 

In 2020, the number of vegan orders made on Deliveroo soared by 163%. And as demand for sustainable, plant-based and religiously friendly food increases, restaurants are expanding the range of food options they offer in order to increase their appeal. 

The food sector has a number of tried and tested brands, but there are also a number of exciting and innovative industry disruptors growing all the time.

3. Flexible working

Businesses have been running on delivery, subscription, and mobile services for over a year, and though this hasn’t been ideal, many food businesses have been able to work effectively from a distance. 

Whether you’re working with apps, booking systems, deposits and QR codes, the food sector has been forced to put in place a number of measures to help cope with pandemic regulation. However, the upside is that many have found new ways of working to be better than before. By operating in this sector, you’ll be able to experiment with new ways of working.

4. Support and training

The food industry is an exceptionally competitive one, meaning that any new business in this sector will need to be prepared. However, as a franchisee, you’ll be able to count on the continued training and support of your franchisor to give you a competitive edge. 

Many franchises, such as Auntie Anne’s, will give you training and support up to and after your launch. A vast majority will also utilise economies of scale to work in your favour. Whether your franchisor helps you find new property, assists you with recruitment, or gives you a dedicated business and growth coach, franchisees can count on the continued support of their franchisor.

5. Experience

Whether you choose to stay in the food franchising industry long-term or decide to move on in a few years time, your experience as a food franchisee will stand you in good stead in a number of ways. You’ll be skilled in:

  • Customer-facing experience

  • Management responsibilities 

  • Back office and till management 

  • Recruitment and interviewing 

  • Running a business

Your experiences as a franchisee will set you up with essential skills and experience that you’ll be able to take away with you wherever you go next. 

Become a franchisee and enjoy running a food franchise with lower levels of risk

If running your own food franchise sounds like the right opportunity for you, have a look at how best to choose your food franchise to help you get started on your franchising journey. Or, if you want to see a full list of available franchising opportunities, you can consult the UK franchise directory. 

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