Weight Loss franchise opportunities

Ironically, there are many businesses growing fat from the profits to be found in helping the British to manage their weight. Slimming aids, weigh loss clubs and diet advice are big business these days. Two thirds of British people are on a diet “most of the time”, according to one Mintel survey. Government-backed initiatives have been launched to help people to lose weight - especially children, as they are viewed as a serious at risk group due to sedentary lifestyles and poor diets. There have also been many media headlines and crank weight loss products to further confuse and overwhelm the British public.

This makes it the perfect time to start up a business under a respected brand name to help people in their quest for the perfect weight. You could launch an independent start up, of course, but you may find suspicion and scepticism drag down your hard work. Other benefits from the franchise route to a weight management business include business, product and equipment support, as well input from the research and specialist knowledge offered by your parent company.

What weight loss companies are currently recruiting new franchisees?

The choice is varied and covers a wide range of specialities, including business models specifically aimed at younger customers. They include Lite N Low Snack box company, offering nutritionally controlled food supply, and Riverford Farmers which manages franchises encouraging people to “live life on the veg”. Kiddy Cook franchise is aimed at teaching young people how to shop for and prepare more balanced meals. If you want to combine weight management with fitness support, Premier Sport offers a franchise arrangement covering both. There is also the option to start up local clubs in church halls, schools and other venues, as a franchise for the big name weight management organisations such as Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Ideal Weight. We can find you a weight loss franchise that gains pounds on your balance sheet, so contact us today.

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Angela's Swim School

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