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17/03/2019 16:00 | Food

The Avocado Show brings its delicious avocado-filled menu to diners in the UK.

Many of us are obsessed with everything avocado. We put it on our salads, chuck it into smoothies and even incorporate it into healthy dessert options. But how would you feel about a burger with a whole avocado for the bun?

If that sounds like your dream meal, youre in luck, as The Avocado Show has brought its exciting restaurant concept to the UK. The healthy food franchise will be in London from the 11th -24th of March and is hosting a pop-up restaurant event at the Bluebird Chelsea. Diners will be able to sample some of the innovative, avocado-themed treats on the menu for a limited time only as the franchise hopes to entice business people who share its love of the green fruit to open their very own location of The Avocado Show.

Dishes include the Benny Boy, a take on eggs benedict that replaces a muffin with a base of avocado, and the Truffle Treasure, which mashes the fruit on toast and tops with spicy Cajun chicken, indulgent truffle mayo and radish.

You might have seen the now infamous Bun Burger on your social feeds in the last few months, as the wagyu beef burger sandwiched between two halves of an avocado caused quite a reaction when it was first announced. However, if you can get your mouth around the mammoth dish, youll be treated to a delicious patty topped with bacon, melted cheese, red onion and rocket without the stodgy bun covering it.

All of The Avocado Shows star ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced, meaning it chooses fruits that are grown on farms that are kind to the planet and avoid common troubles that plague that avocado industry, like deforestation and unfair payment of farm staff.

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