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The Avocado Show expands to the Belgian city of Brussels to delight avocado fans in the country.

Belgian avocado fans are in luck, as new and exciting healthy food franchise The Avocado Show has announced that it will soon be opening a restaurant in the capital.

The Brussels restaurant will aim to follow the success of the franchises two concept restaurants in Amsterdam, offering a wide range of dishes that all incorporate the beloved green fruit in some way. Its tasty offerings include classics such as topped avocado-on-toast, wackier yet surprisingly tasty options such as the avo-bun burgers and even alcoholic treats like the Guaca Mary and Avo Daiquiri.

The Avocado Show gained a huge following after its opening in 2017 and the Instagram-worthy restaurant began its international quest for expansion in 2018. The newest location in Brussels will open in late November and its an opening that is highly anticipated amongst the discerning diners of the capital. Those hoping to try out The Avocado Show are advised to be prepared for long queues, as the restaurant offers tables on a first-come, first-served basis to create even more demand for its innovative dishes.

"We stayed very close to the concept," co-founder Ron Simpson said.

He explained how himself and partner Julien Zaal wanted to make a business opportunity out of their love of Avocados and managed to find a way to incorporate the fruit into everyone of their dishes.

Everyone eats it and loves it. You can eat it cold or hot, on pancakes or in a sandwich (...) Some dishes are based around the avocado, but others contain only avocado oil or guacamole.

Serving food thats just as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds, The Avocado Show is shaking up the future of restaurant franchises with its trendy casual-dining locations.

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