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Veeno plans out expansion after Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed.

Though many businesses are struggling to think about anything but survival right now, one franchise is bucking the trend by planning out its future expansion plans.

Veeno had initially intended on launching two or three new locations across 2020, but the current pandemic has, of course, put a halt to its ambitious expansion. The franchise isn’t getting disheartened though, and has instead shifted its focus to renovating some of its existing stores. Key locations will be treated to a ‘fresh look’ and a new and improved menu will be rolled out to entice customers back once the country returns to normal.

The focus on opening new stores will shift to 2021, when the franchise hopes to go ahead with its ambitious expansion plans. Rodrigue Trouillet, who took over the business in early 2019, explained why he feels that investing in a Veeno franchise is a great idea for budding entrepreneurs.

“Veeno has recently engaged again in franchising. The business model being attractive due to low capital investment and a simple operation makes this an affordable franchise and is getting a lot of interest from potential leads.”

Trouillet also explained how Veeno’s top team have been nursing the franchise back to health, after a difficult period in 2018 and early 2019.

“Veeno has been trading successfully with consistent like-for-like sales growth since March 2019 and even during the first weeks of March 2020. The past year has been all about stimulating the business and recovering from past issues. [Without ignoring] the existing situation, we have to deal with this but we also have to look forward and prepare.”

All of Veeno’s workforce have been furloughed, but no redundancies will be made during the current crisis, meaning everyone will continue to receive an income.

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