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The Italian aperitivo provider has just opened a new location in the friendly Surrey town of Reigate.

The residents of Reigate will now be able to indulge in delicious Italian nibbles and wines at the newest location of wine franchise Veeno. 

Reigate’s Veeno restaurant will be operated as a franchised outlet. The brand is delighted to welcome its second franchisee, John Spriggs, who brings a wealth of experience with him. 

"After a 20-year retail and wholesale franchise career in fashion, I made the leap to food and beverages sooner than I thought I would. The past year, being what it was, made me realise that there was no time like the present."

Veeno was set up by Nino Caruso in 2013, when he decided to share his passions for the Italian cuisine with the whole world. Thanks to his grandfather, Francesco, Nino was introduced to the wine industry at a very young age. He grew up not only cherishing his home cuisine but also forming a passion for gastronomy. 

After having received a tonne of positive feedback following the  first Veeno development, and after passing the role of franchisor over to Rodrigue Trouillet, the brand has gone from strength to strength. 

The Reigate branch means that Italian cuisine and fine wines are now available to the general public now in nine locations. 

Veeno offers all types of Italian bites; its menu ranges from home-brewed wines to piquant pastas and mouth-watering desserts. The Caruso family’s wines have a very unique origin, coming from the 120 hectares of family Sicilian vineyards established in the 19th century. Since then, Caruso has been working incredibly hard in order to bring the best quality wine from the vineyard right to the customers’ hands. He recently spoke out about the excitement of his new Veeno branch.

“We're delighted to be bringing the Veeno experience to Reigate.” 

The bar officially opened its doors on Thursday July 15, welcoming all members of the public to come and indulge in its  appetising Italian dishes. 

Nino Caruso and Mr Spriggs warmly welcome all clients to the brand new Veeno restaurant. 

If you’d like to find out more about joining this exciting franchise, check out its profile page to find out more. 

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