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Veeno The Italian Wine Bar

Veeno is a UK-based Italian wine bar chain

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Veeno’s Franchise Director Paul Davies, and new owner, Rodrigue Trouillet, share three USPs that make Veeno a fantastic business opportunity.

Veeno is a BFA-accredited, UK-based Italian wine bar chain. The restaurant franchise provides a gateway to Italian lifestyle with its excellent wines and authentic Spuntini, appetisers, meat platters and cheeses from Italian producers.

In the video you can find out why Veeno is such a safe investment, as well as hear Rodrigues’s rationale on why he bought the franchise, and his team’s exciting plans for the future of the brand.

Veeno’s Franchise Director, Paul Davies, has provided three compelling reasons why entrepreneurs should consider the franchise opportunity.

1. Impressive financials

Veeno has three flexible models with an entry point of under £100,000. For this investment, the franchise location will be fully fitted and stocked. If you’ve got ambitious plans for the future and want to start with more than one store, you can make the most of multi-site discounts. Better still, Veeno can substantiate a return on investment of under two years.

2. It’s launched a brilliant new menu

Veeno has just introduced its new menu, which has a wider appeal for Italian food and wine lovers. But in doing so, it has not lost sight of its main goal: to provide a genuinely authentic Italian experience. The new menu is clearly a hit with customers too, with sales being up 25 percent on the same time last year!

3. Revamped marketing output

When you’re considering investing in a franchise, it’s very important to find out what marketing output the brand can achieve. With Veeno, it has recently revamped its marketing output and refined its processes to produce exceptional marketing materials on Instagram and Facebook.

You can view a full rundown of the Veeno franchise opportunity, including the training and support you’ll receive, the brand’s history and what it looks for in a franchisee on its client page.

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