Screen Rescue franchisee named ‘Franchise of the Year’ at the Virtual Franchise Awards 2022

Screen Rescue franchise
Screen Rescue Screen Rescue is the UK’s only award-winning Windscreen & Glass Repairs franchise operating exclusively in the automotive industry within all commercial vehicle sectors.

Build a substantial multi-van Commercial Windscreen & Glass Repairs franchise where you can generate repeat revenues of £75k per van.

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The windscreen and glass repairs franchise was delighted to announce that Keith Harrison, of Screen Rescue Stevenage, had secured the amazing accolade.

Keith is now a GOLD winner of ‘Franchisee of the Year’, and in the words of Screen Rescue franchisor Jaime Hilario, “We are absolutely delighted to become an award-winning franchise and are still a little overwhelmed to have picked up not one, but two highly celebrated VFA22 Awards - a GOLD winner and SILVER winner in two of the most prestigious VFA22 Award categories: ‘Franchisee of the Year’ and ‘Best Franchisee Support’.”

Jaime extended huge congratulations to Keith for his GOLD win, fought alongside still competition. As Keith himself put it, “I had seen the list of franchisee finalists I was grouped with. All accomplished franchise brands and franchisees in so many ways. And I honestly thought I didn’t stand a chance! So, I carried on with my daily client visits and added more jobs into my diary. When [Amanda Hilario, Screen Rescue franchisor] rang me, I was totally gob-smacked. I even asked her if she was sure it was me that had won!”

Keith feels strongly that he’d never have been able to secure the accolade “without the help and support” of the entire franchise team at head office. He said to Amanda, “It is a genuine team effort, and we all deserve to share this – it’s not just me.” Amanda concurred with Jaime that Keith was a hugely deserving winner in the coveted category.

She said, “We are especially proud that Keith has grown his client base in year one from zero to 80+ commercial automotive clients just by following our proven franchise model, specifically designed to fast-track you into business. Not only can you earn from day one but with our unique strategy of winning repeat business clients, you can forecast your sales revenues and profits for months and years ahead.”

Amanda continued, "Despite facing three lockdowns in his first year, Keith worked hard to keep his franchise on track against his business plan. So much so his business is booming, and he has been able to award himself a good pay rise.” If you’d like to enjoy success on the level of Keith’s, you can become a Screen Rescue franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £19,750. Find out more about the windscreen repair franchise via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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