Revive! Achieves 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction Status, Again

Revive! Auto Innovations franchise
Revive! Auto Innovations Accelerate into business with an award-winning £1m franchise

Operating in the rapidly growing SMART repair industry, Revive! franchisees run large territories and manage their own team of technicians who repair damage to car paintwork including bumper scuffs, minor chips and the refurbishment of alloy wheels.

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revive-auto-innovations-workbuzz-scoreFor the second year running, the UK’s leading SMART repair network Revive! Auto Innovations UK has been awarded top marks by its franchisees, achieving 5-star status in the 2022 WorkBuzz Franchisee Satisfaction Survey. 

WorkBuzz is an independent franchise consultancy inviting franchisees each year to comment anonymously on six key dimensions of the service provided to them by their franchisor.

Impressively, Revive! Auto Innovations achieved satisfaction of 81%, with leadership (84%), general satisfaction (82%) and training and support (80%) as the ones with the highest scores! Soaring scores that Revive! Auto Innovations is very familiar with already.

What the WorkBuzz survey tells

The six dimensions are:

  1. Training and support
  2. Leadership
  3. The franchise system
  4. Value and rewards
  5. Culture and relationships
  6. General satisfaction.

Revive! Auto Innovations' survey results show that its franchisees clearly understand the leadership objectives and growth plans, scoring over 90% on questions relating to the vision, shared goals and business expansion. Something that is at the centre of Revive! Auto Innovations' success throughout the years and how the franchise has attracted motivated franchisees. 

Commenting on the survey results, Revive! Auto Innovations franchise director Cathryn Hayes said: “There’s no doubt that we have all faced tough challenges over the past year. At Revive! we constantly strive to develop solutions to those challenges, whilst keeping a clear focus on the vision and goals we have set for our business. To achieve the five-star WorkBuzz satisfaction award once again is a great accolade and gives us confidence that our franchisees share and appreciate our vision, brand and the strong values that underpin everything we do here at Revive!

“We understand that to grow and develop their businesses, franchisees need ongoing support and training, and again this survey underlines the high level of satisfaction amongst our franchisees for all the top-quality services and support we provide. 

“We’re delighted with the survey results, but there’s always room for improvement. We never rest on our laurels and are always looking at ways we can improve the service and support we give to our franchisees.

Discover more about owning a car repair franchise here:

Start your franchising journey and path to financial freedom with Revive! Auto Innovations begin with a £50,000 total investment. You can even find third-party funding to help you with the finances.

Find out more about Revive! Auto Innovations' management franchise, either visit their website or click "REQUEST INFORMATION" at the top of this article. You can use this resource as a list of questions when contacting Revive! Auto Innovations.

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