Pro Elite Football Academy helps hopefuls turn coaching into a full-time job

Pro Elite Football Academy franchise
Pro Elite Football Academy Established in 2016 by Premier League Academy Coach

Multiple income streams with all year-round demand. A community based business that inspires the future generation

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The franchise recently shared exactly how it can help people to pursue a truly profitable and full-time career in coaching without years of experience.

Pro Elite Football Academy was established in 2016, and specialises in teaching children the popular sport of football up and down the UK. Aiming to become the British pre-school football academy of choice, the football franchise explained in its blog post that, “In previous times, you either had to become a professional footballer or work your way up from part-time hourly roles within an academy to try to make a living out of football.”

And, “Even then, most academy coaching roles within the professional world aren’t paid well enough for people to genuinely consider going full-time. And if you do? Chances are it’s your love for the game that makes that decision for you.” Thankfully, the industry is changing and so are the players - meaning top coaches are choosing not to follow the traditional route, and are instead starting their own businesses with uncapped salaries and fewer hours. 

Pro Elite Football Academy expressed that the franchise doesn’t make a full-time coaching career viable “by stacking your schedule with hours and hours of one-to-one sessions, or group sessions that you have to personally coach yourself”. Instead, it happens when franchisees follow a “scalable business model introduced by Ali Mustafa”. This model consists of three steps.

Step one: Find a territory “packed with schools, nurseries and disposable income” in which to operate your sessions. Step two: “Understand how to grow, at scale” and “lay out the foundations for multiple centres to run at the same time”. Step three: Build your coaching brand by offering consistent quality in your sessions. “At the end of the day, without quality sessions, there is no point laying the foundations out. Quality first, the rest will follow.” If following this model all the way to franchise success appeals, you can find out more about Pro Elite Football Academy via the franchise’s profile page, linked above.

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