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Énergie Fitness Ireland has taken its search for franchise partners up a gear.

Elite Franchise Magazine’s second-best franchise for 2019 is now looking for franchisees here on the Point Franchise Network. The gym franchise, which already has over 20 sites in the Republic of Ireland and over 100 based in the UK, wants to reach out to more fitness-fanatics across the two countries.

With 16 years in the business, Énergie Fitness Ireland has generated a seasoned knowledge of the UK and Irish fitness market. The gym franchise’s head office is ready to share its over 100 years of combined experience with new franchisees who want to hit the ground running on their franchise journey.

In return for a minimum investment of £140,000, Énergie Fitness Ireland franchisees can expect to be earning a grand total of £340,000 worth of revenue within two years. These are the results that you can achieve with the backing of the gym franchise’s high-quality training programme, which provides guidance on registering your business, tax compliance, site funding, lease agreements, financial management and recruitment.

Énergie Fitness Ireland is looking for franchisees who can demonstrate significant business experience and a convincing business plan. All franchisees are also required to commit to a full training programme, as well as have the liquid assets needed to start up a new business. The Énergie Fitness Franchisee programme is notoriously tough, with only the best 1 percent typically making the cut.

That being said, franchisees come from a diverse range of backgrounds. This gym franchise has accepted business plans from entrepreneurs who have had previous careers as doctors, builders, property owners, electricians and IT professionals. All of them have been attracted to the proposition of being their own boss, free of the restrictions that come with a corporate career.

If you want to become a Énergie Fitness Ireland franchisee, you can find out more information here on Point Franchise.

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