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A Kumon centre in Frome has been recognising the fantastic achievements of its dedicated students.

A Kumon centre in the town of Frome hosted a special afternoon awards ceremony that was designed to celebrate the achievements of its hard-working students.

More than 70 awards were handed out to children who study English and/or Maths at the Kumon Frome Study Centre, marking the fact that they have achieved level G of the education franchises programme. Despite many of the students still being in primary school, level G of Kumons programme is equivalent to the start of GCSE calculation or reading comprehension, indicating that with Kumons help theyre achieving well beyond what many of their peers may be.

Four awards were also presented to children who had pushed themselves even further and were managing to complete level J of the programme, which is equivalent to A-level standard work. Marcus Manansala and Elijah Gatward, who are both in year 8 and Martin Manansala, who is still in primary education, took home the awards for Maths, showing how much gifted students can achieve with a little extra push. Faerieday Head, who is in year 8, also claimed the award for her incredibly advanced English skills.

Susan Gatward, who is one of the dedicated instructors at the centre, said that any child has the potential to achieve well beyond their years and that the programme instils them with the confidence and self-motivation that they need to succeed.

Excelling beyond school level is not reserved for the gifted and talented. The majority of children receiving awards today came to Kumon because they had lost confidence in their maths or English. Our aim is to support each of them to reach International school level in around 12 months of daily study. We have now been running the centre in Frome for over eleven years and we have more students reaching G-in Primary, and beyond, than ever!

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