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FiltaFry has freed one education company’s staff of their most hated task with its efficient fryer management services.

FiltaFry Germany has helped a university free its staff from one of the jobs they dislike the most. Studentenwerk Bonn enlisted FiltaFry’s expert help to clean and maintain its deep fryers at all five of its locations, which fry around one tonne of fries and 750 schnitzel every single week.

Felix Jacques, Head of University Gastronomy, explained why the van-based franchise’s services have been so helpful.

"Cleaning the deep fryers and handling hot oil is one of the most unpopular works in the kitchen. On the one hand, they are very time-consuming and not very safe despite high safety precautions, on the other hand, because of the strictest hygiene and health requirements in the truest sense of the word, nothing burns. That's why I'm all the more pleased that there has been FiltaFry in Bonn for a few months now. Thanks to Jörg Mauritz and his dedicated FiltaFry service team, our cafeteria workers who were previously responsible for this work can once again take on more effective and value-adding tasks. "

He added:

"In addition to the benefits in terms of employee relief and risk minimisation, we think it's great that we need to use much less oil than before and therefore also dispose of less by the additional filter service, with even the smallest particles of dirt out. We not only save costs, but also make a measurable contribution to resource conservation and sustainability."

Speaking about why he chose to become a FiltaFry franchisee, Mauritz said:

"Apart from the unique features, the lack of competition and the many possible applications, it is the exciting combination of sales, service, technology and sustainability that has led me to this franchise partnership.”

Mauritz added that he approaches every day with the mantra:

"The more restauranteurs I can convince of the concept, the less oil is wasted."

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