CentreVR Transports Talbot Heath School to Antiquity

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Talbot Heath School brought classes from year 9 to visit Centre VR, extending their education in classic architecture and antiquity.

The Talbot students explored the Roman colosseum before working together to escape Medusa’s Gate: a wonderful collaborative group adventure. See how the visit went and what the pupils had to say about Centre VR.

Virtual reality provides an unparalleled presence and sense of history, immersing students in the past and sparking a lifelong love of history. It is the next best thing we have to an actual time machine. If you need an example of the power of virtual reality in history education watch this video below (Note, you can drag what you see around).

Centre VR partners with many local schools which provide state of the art and forward-thinking education to their students. Talbot Heath School is one of them, being on a mission to THINK BIG in education and all the experiences their students get to try: virtual reality included. Centre VR is on the precipice of transforming the UK towards a digital future: presenting how industries change with the advent of virtual and augmented reality. 

So with £100,000, you can be part of the biggest virtual reality centres across Europe, the UK included. Centre VR will assist you in finding the perfect location to attract the right crowd - businesses and people alike. As well as training in VR/AR enabling you to answer any question that might come your way! And after just two years, you can expect to rake in £400,000.

Discover more about Centre VR education, or learn more about potentially becoming a Centre VR franchisee by clicking the "REQUEST INFORMATION" at the top of this article.

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