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centre-vr-team-building-eventCentre VR opened its doors to Corfe Hills School, aiding the young students to collaborate and build a learning spirit through unique and fun virtual reality experiences.

Students and staff from Corfe Hills School joined Centre VR and had the chance to develop their teamwork using virtual reality. The group was split into teams who worked together to win the multiplayer laser tag game: Tower Tag.

At Corfe Hills School, they are passionate about excellence in learning. They believe this is the foundation which enables their young people to achieve the highest possible outcomes.

Corfe has the highest expectations of students. They will engage fully in their learning, have high aspirations for themselves and embrace the wide range of opportunities available to them inside and outside the classroom.

VR is excellent for team building. The setting and environment are entirely up to you to create or show, and coupled with the immersive qualities of VR; you get unparalleled teambuilding opportunities. Virtual reality lets individuals come together to learn and use critical thinking through collaboration and fun.

Centre VR staff were thrilled to be part of this opportunity for their students to explore virtual reality and discover the future of team spirit and play, developing their teamwork skills. In fact, Centre VR is the leading VR experience franchise in Europe and is rapidly expanding as virtual and augmented reality becomes widespread.

You can become a Centre VR franchisee with a minimum investment of £50,000 and £25,000 franchise fees. Where you afterwards will receive guidance, support, and training every step of the way. Its business model is designed to help you earn a six-figure turnover after your first year of business.

If you want to host VR events and prepare Britain for the technological transformation virtual and augmented reality bring: click "REQUEST INFORMATION" and start your franchising journey today!

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