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Over the summer of this year, Millfield Enterprises visited Centre VR to discover the future of language learning in virtual reality.

Millfield English Language Holiday Courses (MELHC) by Millfield Enterprises offer English language tuition accredited by the British Council. They are programmes with many activities covering social and cultural learning together with language learning.

Millfield brought their students to Bournemouth for a unique trip to enjoy the beach and virtual reality with Centre VR. There’s always so much going on at Millfield. So their decision to swing by Centre VR is a testament to the growth and importance of virtual reality.

Language learning is one of the professions that virtual reality is transforming. The reason is that the immersive qualities of VR can thrust you into situations where speaking a new language is required, such as ordering food or chatting with a cabbie. Even virtual avatars are driven by sophisticated artificial intelligence and offer conversations in the language tailored to your learning level.

Centre VR courses are open this summer to students aged 12-17 at their VR Street campus, offering dates in blocks of 2, 3, 4 and 6 weeks. And you can be part of introducing virtual reality to students, helping them discover a new language in a new way. With a minimum investment of £50,000 and £25,000 in fees, you will receive marketing material, onboarding and training, and location scouting. Additionally, Centre VR will tailor-make you 3D virtual reality content when you land big enterprise and governmental clients!

Virtual and augmented reality is growing and paving the way for all industries to transform. Come out ahead of this change and click "REQUEST INFORMATION" at the top of this article to start your VR franchising journey.

Alternatively, you can find out more about Centre VR education here, or if the bespoke Centre VR production studio has caught your eye, click here.

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