Calzedonia Puts A Little Boogie In Their Stockings This Christmas

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12/12/2017 18:00 | Retail & Stores

The same way every party girl needs a dancing partner, fashion deems no outfit complete without the finishing touch of hosiery. Calzedonia’s new collection of stellar tights is sure to bedazzle this season’s hemlines with a rhapsody of textures and styles from minimalism to eclecticism. The brand’s embellished and appliquéd on-trend tights feature astrological imprints beautifully offset heritage jacquards that can be sported with black patent kitten heels.

When Calzedonia first opened its doors thirty years ago, hosiery was in its heyday. With 2,000 stores globally, and 10 in the UK, Calzedonia continues to trail-blaze with simple hosiery and staple shapewear. To help celebrate its anniversary, the leading hosiery retailer is reviving the glamorous 60’s and 80’s eras with looks that pulled together the perfect polish. For a contemporary feel, Calzedonia sprinkles the classic 60’s fishnets stocking with rhinestones for the ‘Jane Mansfield meets Beyoncé’ look that says more is more and nothing is less.

For those not in the mood for boldness, winter basics can be glamorised and uplifted. Cosy cashmere knits spruced up with juxtaposed fishnets and double-knit tights, and a discreet bow to a heel for a smart coquettish look or a stylish touch to an oversized down jacket. Calzedonia’s festive collection is bent on giving fashionistas a field day with looks that include keeping the midriff exposed with tights or fishnets waistline showing or socks worn with heels that is still very much in vogue. The high-fashion hosiery retailer also has a broad range of knee-highs that can be worn preppy style and sheer ankle socks that adds a glamorous touch to goodie-two-shoe Mary-Jane styles for those Christmas parties nights out. Calzedonia’s wealth of styles give new meaning to the art of haute hosiery and the perfect opportunity to the well-versed fashion icon in everyone to step out into the world.

As a franchisor, Calzedonia forges exclusive and reliable partnerships with its franchisees, providing constant support all along – before, during and after the opening of a store. Franchisee programmes include full training prior to opening, developmental meetings during the entire process, full structural and technical support, nationwide promotion including all materials and the exclusive right to use the globally recognised and trusted brand name.

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