Barking Mad explains why we all love dogs so much

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Barking Mad is not just a pet franchise, we are an organisation that aims to give the best treatment possible for your furry-family members.

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The pet care franchise dove into all the reasons why dogs are so universally adored in a recent blog posted on the Barking Mad website.

Barking Mad specialises in offering bespoke pet holidays and pampering pooches when their owners are away on their own hols, and in the words of the pet franchise, “If you are a dog owner, you will know that the love for your canine companion is true love. According to a 2020/21 survey, dogs are unsurprisingly the most commonly owned pet in UK households. The latest data suggests that Labrador Retrievers are the most common breed in the UK, followed by French Bulldogs and Cocker Spaniels. But what is it about dogs that we love so much?”


Barking Mad continued, “At Barking Mad, we love all dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, old dogs, fluffy dogs and grumpy dogs. We call them woofers, pups, pupsters and pupperinos, but most of all we adore our canine companions like no other. If you were to ask any dog owner why they love their dog so much, they would probably say ‘I don’t know, I just do!’ Dog owners have a close, deep bond with their pups which can’t be compared to any human relationship. However, here are some of the reasons we believe humans love dogs so much.” The franchise then offered four key reasons:


  • Dogs make humans into better versions of themselves - more responsible, more organised and more dedicated
  • Dogs tackle loneliness and provide much-needed companionship in quiet moments
  • There are huge health benefits to owning a dog, as they always give owners a reason to get outside and get active 
  • Dogs help people to make human connections with other dog lovers who share their doggie dedication


And fifth and finally, Barking Mad said, dogs are simply “totally awesome”, bringing owners up and down the UK huge amounts of joy each and every day. If you love dogs as much as Barking Mad, why not join the network and work with them each and every day? You can become a Barking Mad franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £10,000, with a total investment cost of £14,995. Find out more about Barking Mad via its profile page, linked above.

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