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The expert doggy franchise recently shared a blog on its website focused on ways to keep the house clean, even while toilet training their new cuddly friend/friends.

Barking Mad understands that while getting a puppy can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life, it can also be one of the messiest. In this blog, the dog franchise said, “Training a new puppy to go to the toilet outside can be a tiring and difficult process for new dog owners. Together with the added mess and unwanted smells in the home, you may be worried about how to keep your home clean during the process.” Barking Mad’s best tips were then as follows:

  • Make speedy intros - “Introduce your dog to the place they can go to the toilet (garden, outdoor space) as soon as you bring them home.”

  • Track timings - “Keep a simple diary of every time your pup eats, sleeps, urinates and poops for the first couple of weeks. Puppies have very weak bladders so will need to pee every 1-2 hours.” The more you know your dog’s routine, the better.

  • Keep to routines - “For example, feeding your puppy at the same time every day. This will really help with toilet training.”

  • Clean up ASAP - “Clean up accidents in the house as soon as possible. Plus, keep the dog’s toilet area clean, so they want to return.” The mess can be cleaned with a “dog-safe solution”, and the key is to remove the scent, so your dog won’t “use this area as a toilet again”. 

  • Create a structured toilet training routine - “Always take your puppy outside into the garden/toilet area [first thing in the morning and last thing at night], as well as frequently throughout the day, giving them the opportunity to do their business outside. Keeping up with the same times each day will help your puppy recognise routine.”

  • Plan for bedtime - “You won’t have much control through the night whilst you are asleep so it’s a great idea to leave out some newspapers or puppy pads. It’s important not to throw these away after they have been used, instead place them outside into the garden. The smell of the pads/newspaper will help your pup recognise [where to go].”

  • Keep the house fresh with dog-safe products - “Although it may seem tempting to use everyday cleaning sprays and candles to hide unwanted pet smells, you may actually be putting your fury friend at risk using these products. Dogs can sometimes be sensitive to the different chemicals in commercial air fresheners and candles. So instead opt for [non-toxic candles, essential oils and boiled spices].”

If you’d like to find out more about this doggy care franchise, you can visit Barking Mad’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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