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Barking Mad has showcased data revealing women in the pet care industry feel more empowered than they have in other jobs.

According to the franchise’s survey, 55 percent of women in pet care have a better work/life balance than before and 52 percent like their job more than previous roles. What’s more, 48 percent say they have increased flexibility in their personal lives and greater control over their professional lives. And, crucially, 33 percent revealed working in pet care had improved their mental wellbeing, while a quarter reported better physical health. 

The survey was part of a campaign to showcase the benefits of joining the animal care industry for women. The pet franchise has already demonstrated its support for female entrepreneurs, as almost nine in 10 of its franchisees are women. 

Rachel Stewart, the franchise’s Managing Director, said: 

“The pet care industry already attracts women from all walks of life, but this International Women’s Day we wanted to share the reasons why.

“The last 12 months have revealed a lot of elements about where and how people work which could be improved; workers are demanding more flexibility and improved mental and physical wellbeing from their employers, but our research demonstrates that’s already a given when working in the pet care industry.” 

Now, Barking Mad is calling out to ambitious female entrepreneurs who would like to pursue a career working with animals. 

Rachel added,

“Many people, sadly, have found themselves out of work due to the pandemic, but might be using the time available to them now to discover a career which can bring multiple benefits to their life. Working in the pet care industry as part of a franchise may well be the best next step you can take if you have an equal fondness for animals and want flexibility in your work.”

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