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The festive season can be an isolating time, but the pet care franchise is fighting back this Christmas, recruiting volunteer dog cuddlers to curb loneliness in the local community.

Barking Mad has done its research this year, and the pet and dog franchise knows that The Campaign to End Loneliness predicts two million over 50s will feel lonely by 2025/26. The franchise is keen to come up with a solution and a way of helping out, especially with Christmas around the corner, which is why Barking Mad is now on the hunt for dog cuddlers

In the words of Barking Mad, “Studies show that pets, especially dogs, can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and ease loneliness. Dogs have the strongest connection to loneliness because they are social animals who make eye contact. Most dogs love human interaction and studies have shown they can even sense when a human is sad or afraid and provide comfort.”

Barking Mad volunteer cuddlers of all ages will benefit from amazing, heart-warming canine companionship without the financial or emotional responsibilities attached to having a pet, and the franchise asks its customers to encourage anyone they know who is currently suffering from loneliness to get involved with the programme, meeting and socialising with cuddly pets.

Barking Mad’s Managing Director, Rachel Stewart, spoke about the programme, and said, “People may be alone on Christmas for different reasons, such as the death of a loved one, living far from relatives, or because of social isolation. However, we believe that people can reconnect and combat loneliness through their love of dogs this Christmas. Caring for a dog on a short-term basis not only provides you with warm doggy cuddles (much better than a virtual zoom hug) but also the enthusiasm to get some fresh air and meet other dog lovers.” Find out more about this brilliantly caring franchise via Barking Mad’s profile page, linked above.

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