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Tubz franchise information

Ever thought of running your own vending machine business? This type of franchise is often overlooked, but it can generate impressive profits. Here, we focus on one brand in particular and ask: does Tubz franchise in the UK?

Tubz is an international vending machine business selling snacks from well-known food brands, as well as children’s toys. Its towers are situated in high-footfall areas, where customers can get their hands on energising bites to eat. 

Across the world, someone buys a product from a Tubz vending machine every three seconds. That’s an impressive sales rate, so it’s no wonder the business has been able to expand globally. But does it offer franchise opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Does Tubz franchise?

Yes. In fact, Tubz is the leading vending machine franchisor in the UK and Europe. It supplies more products to more operators than any other company in Great Britain. 

Tubz franchisees can manage vending machine locations in venues like shopping centres, social clubs and other high footfall spots. But you don’t have to search for these winning sites yourself; Tubz has an in-house marketing team to find them for you. The brand has a 15-point checklist to discover and vet locations, and pinpoints hundreds per month. 

History of Tubz

Tubz has more than 15 years of experience selling vending machine products. Today, the franchise’s network of over 30,000 snack towers is managed by offices in the Netherlands and China. There are also master franchises in operation across the US, Canada and Australia. 

Since the Tubz franchise model was launched, the company has welcomed around 300 partners onto its books. You’ll find Tubz franchisees managing businesses in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia. 

In 2013, Tubz established an exclusive commercial partnership with national charity Starlight Children’s Foundation, which helps seriously and terminally ill children across the UK. Tubz is proud to donate funds to the worthy cause and attend the organisation’s events throughout the year - along with mascot Mr Tubz, of course! 

We love everything about our business: the eye-catching towers, the quality and range of products to put in them, the simple system to make it work and being out on the road. Everyone at Tubz HQ is great too, nothing is too much trouble and there’s always a friendly voice at the end of the line whether you’re placing an order or need some advice. - Debbie & Peter Evans, franchisees

The Tubz product range includes sugary sweets and chocolates from well-known brands like Smarties, Rolo and Maoam, as well as Pringles and healthier snacks like sugar-free candy and nuts. Some Tubz towers also sell fun toys. And during the coronavirus pandemic, the franchise has introduced face mask towers, complete with hand sanitising gel. 

Each Tubz tower vending section can hold up to nine products, so in total there's enough space for up to 81 individual tubs, priced at £1 each. All the towers are mechanically operated without the use of electricity, and can be fitted easily to a bar top, wall or stand.

The Tubz franchise has created a high-quality product in its sector. Until relatively recently, most of the UK's machines were bulk vendors, selling unsorted products at random. As a result, they were often unhygienic and did not provide enough information on their ingredients and sell-by dates. In contrast, each Tubz franchise snack or toy is individually packaged and clearly labelled, so customers can rely on its high-quality products. 

Starting a Tubz franchise unit

As a Tubz franchisee, you won’t need a lot of storage space or a team of employees. You can run your business on a part-time or full-time basis, and you’ll be given everything you need to get up and running. It’s a great franchise for people who are looking for a business opportunity you can manage while maintaining a great work-life balance. 

Becoming a Tubz franchisee:

Tubz is on the lookout for people with an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for succeeding with a vending machine franchise. Candidates should also be self-motivated and able to work well under pressure.

Although we have been in business less than three months, our sales are higher than we expected. Luckily, re-ordering stock is very straightforward. - Peter & Caroline, Buckinghamshire franchisees

How much you need to invest: 

The Tubz franchise opportunity comes with a fairly low investment price compared to other businesses. You can get started from as little as £3,295, but the business has introduced four different packages so you can choose the one to suit you. 

  • Bronze bundle: £3,295 + VAT for 10 towers
  • Silver bundle: £7,485 + VAT for 25 towers
  • Gold bundle: £14,475 + VAT for 50 towers
  • Platinum bundle: £27,450 + VAT for 100 towers

This pricing structure may change over time, so be sure to check the updated costs on the Tubz franchise website. There, you can also find a potential profit plan for each bundle pack. 

Tubz offers an attractive investment opportunity for would-be franchisees, as its franchise packages don’t involve annual fees or royalties. So, you can run your own business without having to worry about parting with a share of your profits. 

We recommend you also make sure you have enough money to cover independent legal advice from a solicitor with expertise in franchise law. Having expert guidance at the start of your franchise journey can be extremely valuable, especially for first-time franchisees. 

What you get for your investment:

Every Tubz franchise package includes the vending towers and stands, stock and sticker sets, as well as invoice pads, brochures and branded uniform for you and your employees. All equipment comes with a two-year guarantee, and you can get engineer advice any time of the day or night. 

What’s more, you’ll benefit from the Tubz franchise site selection service, and its market training opportunities. You’ll also have the chance to take part in the full Tubz training programme and receive ongoing business support. In fact, you’ll be allocated a customer manager to help you throughout your franchise contract term. 

Start a vending machine franchise

Visit the Tubz profile page here at Point Franchise to learn more about the business’s investment opportunity. Alternatively, browse our full list of retail franchises to find other companies searching for new franchisees. 

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