8 Advantages of Running a Restaurant Franchise

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Own a restaurant franchise

Always dreamed of becoming a restauranteur? Investing in a franchise can help you reach your goal. While launching an eatery can be a risky move, starting a business under a recognisable brand provides valuable security. Here’s why you should consider joining a restaurant franchise.

Here at Point Franchise, we have a wide selection of franchise investment opportunities in the food service industry. It’s one of the biggest sectors in the franchising world, full to the brim with exciting concepts and exotic food options - and a lot of household names. 

In this article, we’re exploring the benefits of running a restaurant franchise business. 

Advantages of running a restaurant franchise business 

1. People love eating out 

Consumer demand is high across the restaurant industry. In the US, people now spend more on eating out than cooking at home (USDA). And while British restaurants haven’t quite reached this level of popularity, they’re still right at the heart of our communities. 

In particular, consumers are drawn to the consistent quality and value for money at big brands. As a result, franchisees can benefit from the customer awareness surrounding the products and services offered by the business they join. 

2. You can capitalise on the demand for takeaway food 

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the implementation of takeaway models across the UK restaurant sector. It’s likely demand for delivery and collection options will remain high into the future. 

Last year, the average person spent £5.40 a week on takeaway food, not only from the 40,000 food outlets and stalls across the UK, but restaurants too. Now, the food delivery market is worth £8.5 billion (Statista), and as a restaurant franchise business, you’ll probably be able to boost your revenue by offering takeaway services. 

3. You can join a household name brand 

Restaurant chains see incredible success across the UK. Franchises give investors the chance to launch a business under their branding and take advantage of its widespread popularity. For instance, if you start a Bella Italia or Cafe Rouge restaurant, it’s likely the locals will know and love your business before you even open your doors. 

As a restaurant franchisee, you’ll feel a huge sense of pride at being part of a beloved brand. 

4. You can benefit from a franchise support system

The food service industry is incredibly competitive, but having the support of an industry expert will help you grow your business and stay profitable. You’ll also be able to take advantage of all the other resources available to franchisees. 

From professional development consultations to annual conferences and internal networking events, you’ll have access to business support opportunities other entrepreneurs can only dream of. 

5. You’ll become part of the community 

When you start a restaurant franchise business, your eatery could form a hub within the local community. You’ll see customers celebrate milestones and share their happy occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and even friend reunions. 

What’s more, you’ll have the chance to support other organisations in the local area. Restaurants often sponsor a sports team, donate food to nearby charities and host fundraisers. Making a difference to the people around you will add to your job satisfaction and make the tough days worthwhile. 

6. It’s enjoyable 

Although running a business in the food service industry involves a lot of hard work, there’s plenty of opportunity to have fun too. You’ll be able to meet new people every day and watch as they enjoy your food. When someone recognises your efforts and compliments the business, you’ll get a huge sense of accomplishment. 

Plus, every day is different in a restaurant, so you’ll never be bored. New customers and requirements bring fresh sets of challenges, and you’ll be kept on your feet with changing staff rotas and specials dishes. 

7. You can develop a team of interesting people around you 

Some franchisees work alone, but restaurants require a large workforce of employees to keep everything ticking over nicely. When you launch your business, you’ll need to hire several talented staff members to represent your unit. 

In building your team, you’re also creating a robust support network. Working at a restaurant can be tiring and stressful, so employees will rely on each other to keep spirits high. When times get tough, you should be able to stay strong and pick one another up. 

8. You may be able to adapt your business

Often, franchisors set out a list of strict regulations for franchisees to follow. But consumer preferences can vary hugely from region to region and country to country when it comes to food, so restaurant franchisees often have the chance to adapt their businesses. 

Your franchisor may ask you to tailor your menu or services to your location, depending on demand in the area. You can take this opportunity to come up with new ideas, get creative and put your own stamp on your unit - whilst sticking to the franchisor’s rules, of course. 

The restaurant industry in the UK

According to Statista, UK households spend an average of £19 a week in restaurants and cafes. What’s more, over 1.7 million people eat out at least once a week, which demonstrates just how much Brits value the chance to enjoy food outside their homes. 

In the UK, there are over 88,000 restaurants and mobile food businesses, catering to a wide variety of tastes and budgets. With the popularity of takeaway food on the rise, and the growing number of restaurants introducing delivery and collection services, the industry is only set to increase in size. 

Find your perfect restaurant franchise 

There are many different kinds of restaurant franchises out there, all looking for ambitious investors to establish new business units across the UK. Here at Point Franchise, we offer a wide range of opportunities in the food service sector, across restaurants, cafes and pubs. Browse our current openings or choose a sub-sector to refine the selection.

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