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Five reasons hiring the right staff is important

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They're the ones on the front line, interacting with customers on a day to day basis. They're the ones making sales and fixing problems. This means that you need excellent employees if youre to ensure the success of your franchise unit. Here, we take a look at why thats the case and how you can go about making good hires.

Five reasons hiring the right staff is important

Recruitment 1. Bring fresh perspectives Businesses depend on diverse opinions and perspectives if theyre to succeed. An organisation populated by yes men' will not be able to maintain their success in the long term. No one person can guide a business through all of the diverse challenges it will face over its lifespan. Everyone needs advice sometimes, and it's best if that advice comes from people with different opinions. If youre faced with a complex issue and want a complete answer, you need to see the problem from all sides.

2. Damage to your reputation It only takes one sub-standard staff member to cause irreversible damage to your reputation. If they provide poor service to one individual, you're not only likely to lose that person's custom, but many others, too.

Customers dont keep quiet when they receive poor service, they like to spread the word. This is never a good thing, but its particularly worrying if you operate in smaller communities, where word travels quickly and customers are quick to drop you.

3. Bad staff cost money A bad hiring choice can damage your reputation and cause you to lose money in that way. However, they can also cost you money in other ways. For instance, a poor salesperson is likely to mishandle a large number of customer interactions, minimising the amount you earn in the process. Some may be so bad at their job that customers decide they have to go elsewhere. Theres an incredible number of ways poor-performers can cost you thats why its vital you make the right choice in the first place.

4. Poor staff can hurt other franchise units Its particularly important to remember that failing to hire the right staff can also damage other franchise units in your network. As you all operate under the same name and brand identity, a bad choice by one franchisee is a bad choice for all franchisees. The same goes the other way around. If another franchisee hires a poor-performer, your business could suffer. Thats why its so important that all franchisees are on the same page when it comes to hiring and firing.

5. High staff turnover is costly and disruptive If you keep on hiring sub-standard staff members, youll have to keep firing them. It also means that youll have to repeat the hiring process over and over again. This is not only frustrating and disruptive, its expensive too.

Training a staff member isnt cheap. They often need to shadow another employee for a short period, which reduces that employees productivity, and theyll have to improve as they go along. This means theyll be earning you less until theyre up to speed.

Five ways to get the right staff

1. Dont restrict your search to traditional mediums Top franchises dont just put an ad in the local newspaper and hope for the best. Theyre proactive when it comes to finding the right employee. They look everywhere and ensure theyre advertising in the most popular places. A large percentage of franchises now do their hiring through digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Shapr, and Opportunity. This gives them access to a demographic they wouldnt otherwise be able to reach.

2. Write a precise job description Franchise brands that write vague job descriptions will not entice the cream of the crop. Most of the time, candidates with the skills, determination, and drive required to succeed also benefit from a great sense of purpose. They know what they want and they're going to work as hard as they can to get it. If your job description is not clear and precise, it will be unappealing. The type of job seeker you're looking to attract will scan right past it.

3. Meet every suitable candidate in person In the modern recruitment industry, were used to the idea that technology can perform a lot of the recruitment process for us. We can set our criteria, let AI software sort through the applicants and then just interview the top two candidates. However, this type of recruitment can lead to franchisees missing hugely promising applicants. Its not until you meet someone face to face that you get a true idea of their capabilities. Consequently, its a good idea to meet as many suitable candidates as you can.

4. Leave all prejudices at the door There are many types of prejudice that can impact on the recruitment process. There are racial, sexual, and religious prejudices. There are cultural prejudices. There are educational prejudices. When hiring, it's important to leave all these biases at the door and approach each candidate in the same way. If you don't, you're likely to make poor decisions, your franchise unit will suffer, and you may even find that you're breaking the law.

5. Know what you want Finally, it's difficult to hire the right staff unless you're absolutely sure that you understand what constitutes the right member of staff. What qualities should they embody? What do you need from them? What skills are most important? What can you teach them during training and what skills do they need to have developed themselves?


The best franchises to own are those in which the franchisor guides you through the recruitment process. No new franchisee can be expected to understand the franchise model enough to know exactly what they need and who fits the job. However, franchisees should also be included in this process and have the final say when it comes to staff member selection. Poor recruitment choices can have an enormous impact on a business's chances of success. Consequently, it's vital that you consider how you're going to organise and execute the recruitment process.

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