Five stress management techniques that every franchisee should use

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Stress management as a franchisee

All franchisees experience some stress during their time at the helm of their business, and you need to have stress management techniques in place if youre to cope with it in the best possible way. Franchise companies face a wide range of challenges, and it can be difficult to prepare yourself for every eventuality. This means that you need to develop different ways to handle the stress. Here, we take a look at five fundamental ways in which you can limit stress and improve your performance.

How to work effectively as a franchisee

1. Focus on those things you can control
In any line of work, there are things you can control and things that are entirely beyond your control. Recognising this fact is the first step in managing stress. As a franchisee, you can make a difference in a lot of ways. Though the franchisor is hugely important in determining how you operate, you are responsible for managing your team, running day-to-day operations, and ensuring the business is a success.

That being said, you can't do everything, and you cant control everything. Understanding that there are aspects of the business that exist outside of your influence allows you to focus your attention on those things that you can have an impact on. Rather than letting your mind overflow with potential problems and abstract eventualities, set your mind to work on the issues over which you have power. Not only will this provide a sense of achievement and satisfaction, but it will also liberate you from a significant amount of unnecessary stress.

2. Step back and breathe
Sometimes its the simple things that make the most significant difference. The importance of controlled breathing has been recognised in spiritual practices, meditation, and the scientific community. It's an essential part of relaxing your body and resting the mind. On a very basic level, it ensures that you're getting sufficient oxygen to every part of your body and gives you something immediate and internal to focus on.

As a franchisee, you're going to find yourself in stressful situations. It's part of the job. Stepping back from a situation and taking a moment to calm yourself with controlled breathing can help diffuse a lot of the tension and gives you an opportunity to collect your thoughts. Its incredibly easy to get caught up in the momentum of a chain of events when we feel as though everythings happening at once and we cant keep up and taking a moment to breathe allows you to step away and reevaluate.

3. Momentarily remove yourself from the centre
In the eye of the storm, its impossible to see anything past the storm. When we become so entangled in events, we often lack the impartial perspective required to make the right decision. We become embroiled in the chaos and cant detach ourselves from the challenges before us. Consequently, stress and frustration build and build, until you erupt. On such occasions, its necessary to remove yourself from the centre of the situation and try to find a new perspective.

The best franchise investments will have someone inside the organisation that you can contact for assistance. However, you may want to go to someone outside of the franchise for advice. You may momentarily delegate some of your responsibilities to an employee. You may get away from it all for a weekend. Whichever way you choose to remove yourself from the middle of the maelstrom, it's vital that you ensure you detach from the cause of your stress and try to adopt an outsiders perspective.

4. Simplify, simplify, simplify
Complexity is one of the most significant contributors to stress. When things are straightforward and simple even if they don't go to plan its easy to stay calm and accept the consequences. When things get complicated, and we lose track of the primary cause and effect relationship, we start to get concerned that we arent in control. We dont understand how events are linked and, consequently, cant work out a way to solve problems. This results in a considerable amount of stress.

To counteract this, it's important to try and simplify things and remove unnecessary complications from the equation. Faced by a problem, franchisees should try to reduce the issue to its essential components. Strip it back and try to identify the significant issues and root causes of your problems. Simplify things, and you'll reduce the amount of stress youre exposed to.

5. Think back on previous successes
The chances are that you've faced similar pressures and challenges in the past. This wont be the first time youll have found yourself in a sticky situation. Looking back on past successes allows you to reflect on the fact that you have previously faced difficulties and come out the other side having resolved your problems. Acknowledging that you have the skill and abilities required to tackle work-related challenges can help alleviate stress and reveal a safe path past the obstacles before you.

Relieving workplace stress requires a positive attitude, an ability to put things into perspective, and a recognition of your talents. Taking a moment to consider the ways you have dealt with problems in the past can put you in a more positive mindset, help you situate your current challenges in a broader context, and demonstrate that you do have the necessary skillset to overcome them.

Owning a franchise is inherently stressful. Theres no getting away from the fact that running your own business presents a unique set of challenges that can prove troubling. Consequently, it's crucial that you develop ways to handle and manage stress. The five suggestions listed above are an excellent place to start, though it's likely that you'll build your coping mechanisms in time. Through all of your trials and tribulations, it's important to try and remain as calm and relaxed as possible. Putting events into perspective ensures that you dont get carried away and become preoccupied with issues that arent worth the concern. Taking a step back ensures that you achieve the required distance to think clearly. Concentrating on something as simple as breathing focuses the mind and calms the nerves. Combine all of these pieces of advice, and you're likely to find yourself de-stressed and ready to go.

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