From The Forces To Franchising

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Forces to franchising

There are many physical and mental attributes that are needed to enjoy a successful career in the military. Discipline, dedication, determination and passion are all qualities that youd expect a member of the armed forces to display.

Sound familiar? Well, the skills needed to fight for Queen and country and not that dissimilar to those needed to own and operate the most profitable franchise business.

Leaving a challenging, rewarding and invigorating career in the armed forces can lead to ex-military personnel contemplating what their next career move should be. For many, the thrill, pride and excitement that comes from being a business owner makes franchising an obvious next step.

Not afraid of hard work and eager to get their hands dirty, former soldiers, sailors and airmen can make the perfect franchisees; and as such tend to be in demand. So, if youre thinking about leaving, or have already left the services, and are keen take advantage of the best franchise opportunities, heres some reasons why youd make a great franchisee.

Franchise business model is a system that must be followed

The success of a franchise depends on the franchisees ability to adhere to the franchise business model. The franchisor will have worked hard to fine tune the business system, iron out the creases and turn it into a most profitable franchise. They have made mistakes and learnt from them, so that you dont have to make the same errors.

As an ex-forces franchisee, youll have had lots of experience of sticking to a system. Youre able to take orders and guidance which are crucial for the success of the franchise business model.

Running a franchise takes hard work

Starting any business requires hard work, and running a franchise is no different. Its this strong work ethic and high level of personal discipline that prepares ex-service personnel to work long hours and make personal sacrifices to become a success.

It can be tough at times too

Even though youve decided to invest in a proven business model and chosen one of the best franchise opportunities, it can still be challenging at times. When faced with difficulties, a franchisee needs to have the ability to remain strong and carry on. This is the positive mind-set that many military people possess. In fact, if you can overcome the obstacles that you may have encountered out in the field, the issues that youll come upon as a franchisee will be insignificant in comparison.

You need teamwork to be a success

Even the most profitable franchise cannot be achieved alone. The relationship that youll build with the franchisor will be the foundation of your business. They will share their skills and experience with you; and in return you will follow their business model and run a successful franchise.

Youll require strong leadership skills

Youll also need to create a team to work alongside you as your business grows. Ex-military personnel can work extremely in a team environment as well as exceling in leadership roles. Youll know how to get the most out of your employees and motivate and inspire them when the pressure is on.

Youll be comfortable with leading from the front, taking on more than your fair share of responsibility. This will result in a culture of trust being created within your franchise. Your team will respect you and do anything that it takes to make your business a success.

Youll need to wear many hats as a franchisee

From sorting out the accounts and recruiting staff; to cleaning the toilets and everything in between. When you become a franchisee, youll play many different roles within the business. Its this versatility youll have become accustomed to in the military that will enable you to juggle many balls and keep the plates spinning when youre running your own business.

Youre compelled to do things right

Both serving and retired military personnel share a strong sense of pride, honour and integrity. Of course, these characteristics are not unique to the armed forces, but they often mean more to the military than a civilian.

Its this sense of integrity that will compel you to do the right thing for the franchisor, your customers and your employees. Being fair and ethical are essential traits of a great franchisee.

Your energy will be infectious

Franchisors will be falling over themselves to get you on board because of the experience and practical skills that you can bring to their business. Whats more, its highly likely that youre still relatively young.

The average age of a person choosing to retire from military service is 40, so youll still have the vigour to take on your new venture with gusto. This will be classed as a huge asset to franchisors who need their franchisees to invest a lot of time and energy into getting their business off the ground.

Loyalty runs through your blood

One things for certain, you can never question the loyalty of ex-forces, whether thats in the field or in a franchise business. From day one in the military, loyalty is described as the key requirement to making a career in the forces. Franchisors understand that this sense of loyalty is extended to anything that you put your mind to. So, recruiting ex-forces means that a franchisor will not only have a dedicated franchisee, but also a trustworthy and dependable one too.

As you can see, the qualities and attributes that youll have gained during your time in the forces will be put to good use in the world of franchising. Your transferable skills will be highly sought after by franchisors as you will possess many of the traits that they look for in the ideal franchisee.

So, if you can find the best franchise opportunities to suit your passion, skillset and budget, you may just find that a challenging and exciting career doesnt end when you leave the military.

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