Creperies - What UK Franchises Are There?

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Since the emergence of franchising as a popular and commonly employed business model, it has been predominately associated with the food industries. However, over time, franchising has adapted itself to new cuisines and wildly diverse styles of restaurant. This has kept the franchising scene fresh and progressive, allowing it to move with the trends and continually reinvent itself. That is why we're confident that the next big thing in franchising is likely to be creperies. Here, we take a look at why this might be the case.

The crepe market in the UK

In recent years, crepes have become an increasingly popular foodstuff in the UK. The crepe may have historically been consumed at winter, particularly when outdoor Christmas markets spring up. But they're now eaten all year round. Crepes, which are regarded as a healthy and tasty alternative to other fast food choices, are becoming big business in the UK, as demonstrated by the three franchises we've chosen to explore in greater depth below.

Quick Crepes

Quick Crepes was established 1988, as a family business that specialised in hearty, wholesome crepes in a variety of styles. Over the next thirty years, the organisation has grown from a single restaurant to an extensive franchise network that encompasses 19 locations. Well known for its high-quality crepe mix, the chain has also successfully retailed its products in many prestigious stores, most notably Harrods and Fortnum & Mason.

Quick Crepes focuses on providing customers with an engaging dining experience, and all kitchen areas are open and visible to the public, ensuring the drama of crepe preparation and kitchen work is available for all to see.

What investment is required?

To become a franchisee, youll need to pay a one-off franchise fee of £14,950 +VAT. This franchise fee covers an agreement for a five-year franchise period. Franchisees will require approximately £135,000 to set up the business and cover working costs over the first few months of activity. Of this total, around £90,000 will need to be made available as an initial investment. Once in business, franchisees pay just 5% of their annual turnover to the franchisor. This mainly goes towards covering marketing and management costs.

What do franchisees receive in return for your investment?

In return for your investment, franchisees are enrolled on a comprehensive training programme that will see you jump right in at the deep end and be making crepes within an hour of your arrival. Franchisees will also receive guidance in selecting a location and fitting their store, as well as comprehensive business launch backing.


Serving both sweet and savoury crepes and utilising only fresh and organic ingredients, Crepeaffaire is one of the countrys most popular crepe retailers and an excellent opportunity for would-be franchisees. Targeting a diverse customer base and offering versatile dining options, the franchise is capable of catering to both those who want a quick snack to eat on-the-go, as well as those who want to sit down and enjoy something a little more elaborate. Whether its a snack or a dinner date, Crepeaffaire has an extensive and exciting menu that satisfies all tastes.

What investment is required?

To become a Crepeaffaire franchisee, you'll need to invest an approximate total of £200,000 +VAT. Of this amount, £16,000 +VAT is used to cover the franchise fee. The remaining amount will be used to set up the restaurant, equip the location with everything you'll require, and successfully launch the business. A significant portion of this investment can be provided via an agreement with a major lender, though at least 30% of the total will need to come from the franchisee's own assets.

What do franchisees receive in return for your investment?

All franchisees receive training from the experienced franchising team and will attend training events both before and after the grand opening. Additional assistance with site selection and preparation is provided, and franchisees are granted access to the entire Crepeaffaire supply network, ensuring that youre able to make the most of the chains bulk buying abilities. All new franchisees also receive operations and marketing manuals to ensure that you understand the most effective and efficient ways of advertising your business.

Crme de la Crepe

The seed of the idea that became Crme de la Crepe was planted in 2004 when founder Nick Willoughby packed in his job in a pub and fled to France to learn authentic crepe recipes from those who do it best. After a period of serious training, he returned to Scotland and set up shop in St Andrews.

The first location was an incredible success and, by 2007, the team were ready to tackle London. Setting up at Covent Garden night market, they immediately made a significant impact. So much so that, in 2008, they moved from market stall to Covent Garden shop, where they remain to this day. Now the team are ready to franchise and are looking to take on like-minded franchisees with a passion for crepes and the food industry in general.

What investment is required?

As Crme de la Crpe have only just started franchising, there is currently no information regarding the cost of setting up a franchise unit. To establish what level of investment would be required, it would be best to contact the franchising team directly. As with most new franchises, set up costs are at their lowest when the business is just starting out. This makes it an attractive opportunity for anyone that is willing to take a little bit of a risk and launch one of the first franchises.

What do franchisees receive in return for your investment?

In return for your investment, youll be granted the right to use Crme de la Crepes name, brand, and trademarks. Youll also receive access to an exclusive territory, inside which no other franchisee can operate. The franchise also provides all the training required to run the business, including marketing, business management, and day to day skills. No previous experience of crepe making is needed but all franchisees will need excellent communication skills and to be committed to growing the business over a long period.

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