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Sandler training franchise

If you're interested in owning a training and personal development franchise, there's one name in the franchise world that stands out. Sandler Training is the world's leading sales and management training franchise and has an incredible amount of industry experience behind them. Here, we take a look at why Sandler Training makes for an interesting and exciting franchise investment.


In 1967, David Sandler created a sales technique and psychological methodology that became known as the Sandler Selling System. Based on an understanding of human psychology, the techniques were developed and refined over the years, helping train large numbers of business-orientated individuals in the process. Sandler Training has taken the Sandler Selling System as the basis of their training programme and continuously adapted their methods to meet shifting economic and cultural realities. They now have over 250 offices in 27 countries and have developed their own range of training certifications, all of which are well-respected within the business community. The success of the franchise can be attributed to the strong foundations provided by the Sandler Selling System and its ability to adapt its methodology to fit business of all sizes, who are operating in a wide range of industries, with diverse workforces.

Industry Context

The sales and management training industry is particularly challenging, though the rewards can be enormous. However, Sandler Training differentiates themselves from the competition and provide franchisees with a higher chance of success than any other B2B franchise. The franchise advertises the fact that franchisees have the potential to hit £1 million in annual turnover and emphasise their multinational operations. Sandler Training operates in a large number of countries, offer training in a range of languages, and have refined the franchise model over many years of business. In their specific industry, it would be difficult to identify a brand that has achieved as much national and international recognition as Sandler Training.

Franchise basics

Sandler Training provides sales and management training to a wide array of businesses. As the worlds largest business coaching franchise, theyve developed an incredible depth of experience and expertise, as well as unparalleled insights into the training industry. As well as utilising a strict and proven methodology, they only employ mentors that have a history in sales or management and have experience of the challenges that those they are training are likely to encounter. With a focus on instilling leadership qualities in their clients, rather than merely instructing them in technique, Sandler Training delivers more than the vast majority of its competitors. The franchise also operates a certification programme that runs from Bronze Certification through to Gold Certification, before culminating in a Master Certification. These programmes are widely respected in the sales industry and confer a certain amount of prestige and legitimacy upon those who have earned them.

What kind of investment do you require?

To invest in the franchise, applicants will need to raise an affordable initial sum of £55,000. Of this £55,000, 70% can be borrowed or found through various financing options. Potential franchisees can look to the major banks for assistance in raising this amount, or you can discuss the matter with the franchise if you require additional information. Sandler Training is a member of the British Franchising Association (bfa), which means that they have been accredited as an ethical and responsible franchise that follows the bfas code of practice.

What do you get in return for your investment?

In return for your investment, franchisees can operate under the Sandler Training name and utilise their trademarks. Most importantly, becoming a franchisee means that you'll be enrolled on an 8-day training course that will prepare you for running your own Sandler Training franchise. This intensive course covers the fundamentals of the training system and also expands into franchise management. However, the training doesnt end here. Throughout your career as a Sandler Training franchisee, youll be invited to at least three conferences a year, where seminars and lectures will be given, and franchisees can network with their peers. A certain amount of self-study is also encouraged, with a wide array of resources provided to facilitate it.

Sandler Training also maintains a talented research team, who are responsible for keeping abreast of the latest developments in relevant academic fields and updating franchisees on recent changes in the industry. Finally, the franchise provides support and assistance to franchisees in the form of marketing materials and advertising guidance. This helps drive customers towards your franchise and gives it the best possible chance of success.

What kind of franchisee is Sandler Training looking for?

With Sandler Training, previous experience of sales or training is not essential. Though it will give you an advantage in the early stages of franchise development, Sandler Training is set up in a way that allows them to take raw talent and craft it into the ideal franchisee. However, applicants will need other skills if theyre to become a franchisee and go on to succeed. An understanding of basic business management is hugely beneficial, while drive, determination, and a desire to succeed are essential. Those considering owning a franchise will also need to be able communicators, who can convey ideas and instructions in a clear and concise manner. Finally, Sandler Training looks for individuals who demonstrate a willingness to commit to the franchise and develop their franchise unit for the foreseeable future.

Sandler Training is an attractive proposition for anyone interested in managing their own training business. With a proven franchise model, a well-respected methodology, and an extensive network of experienced franchisees, theyre able to provide applicants with an opportunity they wont find anywhere else. The comprehensive training programme offers new franchisees with all they need to succeed, and additional support is available in the form of marketing guidance. The franchises international success demonstrates the wide-ranging appeal of the business and the effectiveness of its methods. If youre looking for a franchise that could put you on the path to success, Sandler Training might be the organisation for you.

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