10 Clever Ways to Protect Your Mental Health as a Franchisee

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clever way to protect your mental health as a franchise

Running a business isnít easy Ė in fact, it can be incredibly challenging at times. Franchisees are dedicated to making sure their unit is profitable and managing operations throughout the day, so itís no wonder many overlook their mental health. Read on to see our 10 clever ways to maintain a positive outlook as a franchisee.

We all know itís important to take exercise, eat well and only drink in moderation; these are the building blocks for good mental health. But what can you do beyond these key steps? Mark Todd, a Private Medical Insurance professional, believes having a strong mindset is crucial:

Choosing self-employment to make your living is, on its own, often more stressful than taking employment elsewhere. Success is, on the whole, dependent on the strength of a personís state of mind and their ability to turn up for work, come what may.

So, how can you achieve this resilient mental state? Here are 10 clever ways to do just thatÖ

10 top tips for protecting your mental health

1. Know you are in control

You decide whether to view a glass as half empty or half full, so try to take a positive approach to any challenges you encounter. Choose to be optimistic and you'll probably be surprised how much it affects your work life. If you allow yourself to have a positive outlook, you may even be able to reach solutions quicker than if you spend time fretting over potential issues.

2. Know youíre not alone

As a franchisee, youíll probably spend a fair share of your day on your own Ė especially if you have a team of employees to communicate with customers for you. According to research carried out by author and public speaker Penny Power OBE, 83 percent of self-employed workers feel lonely. But the successful businesswoman urges those feeling down to remember theyíre not alone:

Our anxious moments, our low moods and our feeling of being overwhelmed are exactly what 99 percent of the population feels. Once we realise we are normal, then we have already climbed halfway up the mountain, then we gain the energy to get to the summit and be exceptional.

3. Talk to your franchisor and other franchisees

Talking to other people about your concerns is one of the best things you can do to protect your mental health. And franchisees are in a unique position in the business world, as they have an extensive support network around them. Use the resources at your disposal and take advantage of all the help you can get.

Discuss any problems you have with your franchisor. Itís in their interests to make sure youíre able to succeed as a business owner, as their franchise as a whole will suffer if youíre not.

Alternatively, reach out to other franchisees, either from your brand or the wider franchise industry. Itís a great idea to make contacts at franchise events and conferences, so you can ask for help when you need it. Sometimes your franchisor just wonít be able to empathise with something youíre going through, but other franchisees will have experienced the issues youíre facing. If they canít offer advice, theyíll at least be able to provide reassurance and a friendly face.

4. Surround yourself with positivity

Even if you have the most positive of attitudes, there will be times when you need to turn to someone else for support. Scheduling meet-ups with family and friends is a great way of making sure you have someone to cheer you up if youíre feeling down. Sometimes we donít even realise weíre not as happy as we could be until we spend time with a loved one. So, try to make sure you have access to friends who will help you stay upbeat.

5. Keep up communications

If you donít have time to meet with someone in person, donít write off the chance to talk. Life can get hectic, and you may not be able to organise one-to-one meetings, lunch dates or a catch-up with your mum when you really need to. But donít let the opportunity slip by.

Schedule a video call, pick up the phone or even send a quick email or text. If used regularly, these methods of communications can be just as valuable as a face-to-face conversation when it comes to protecting your mental health.

6. Support your employees

Looking after others might be the last thing on your mind when youíre struggling to cope yourself. But spending some time making sure your workforce is happy should help you improve your state of mind. Not only will this give you the chance to focus on something else, but itíll also give you a higher sense of worth.

7. Put things into perspective

On busy days, it can feel like your business totally consumes you, making it hard to see the wood for the trees. At times like these, one little obstacle can seem devastating, so take a step back and put things into perspective before you rush to make a snap decision. Make it your goal to act rationally. Your business is important, but itís not healthy to let every setback have a negative impact on your mindset, as this will eventually take its toll on your mental health.

8. Donít dwell on the bad times

Once youíve resolved a problem, learn from it and move on. Thereís no point in worrying about the past Ė you canít change it! Of course, this is much easier said than done, but try to focus on the future if you can. This forward-thinking mindset will help you work productively and really make the most of your time.

9. Do something youíre good at

Whether youíre struggling or not, make time to do something you love every day. This will give you the chance to switch off from work and challenge your brain to think differently. And if you finish a painting, blog post, game or workout, for example, youíll have the satisfaction of seeing a job completed, until youíre able to resolve your work issue.

10. Celebrate your successes

Being a franchisee is tough at times, so allow yourself a pat on the back when you overcome an obstacle! A great way to make sure you celebrate your achievements is to set goals for your business. When you reach the milestones, take the time to congratulate yourself.

Whether you discuss your success with a loved one, treat yourself to that new pair of shoes or just enjoy a sweet treat, youíll return to work refreshed and satisfied. And once youíve marked one achievement, youíll be ready to pursue the next one with renewed energy.

Get the right help

Talking to your doctor or a mental health professional is the best thing you can do if you find youíre struggling at work. But here at Point Franchise, we can offer a few tips and tricks to help you take steps towards cultivating a positive mindset. For more information, read our articles on how to protect your mental health during tough times and making sure both you and your employees avoid burnout.

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