Plumbing franchise opportunities

Having the skills to be a plumber or manage a team of plumbers puts you in a great position to become your own boss, and launch a new business in your geographical area.

But you need more than that - business management expertise and strong marketing capabilities are vital. These things are not always easy for stand-alone plumbing ventures. To avoid your new venture flushing away success due to juggling too many priorities, a plumbing franchise offers a great option.

Why a plumbing business makes sense

There is a huge market to go after these days. There is not just repair work available. More homes are getting built, and existing homeowners are switching to newer, more efficient heating systems.

People are tending to update their properties, rather than move, which is leading to many more opportunities for firms in the home improvement sector. One survey found that one in four UK households is currently considering having work done on their property, so demand for plumbers is set to continue.

What options are there for plumbing franchises?

To grab your share of the demand for quality plumbing services, setting up your company as a franchisee could mean becoming part of the Your Plumber network, for example.

Drain Doctor Plumbing is looking for new people who want to be their own boss, and so are Metro Plumb, Dyno Plumbing and Dyno Rod. There are also more niche players in this sector, such as a UK Gas Protection franchise.

What does a plumbing franchise entail?

With a franchise, you are still your own boss, but you are using a business model provided a successful and established company. Their branding can help you win the trust and respect of potential customers - both homeowners and commercial contracts.

The plumbing franchise route also provides help with things like a website, insurance, health and safety compliance, training and lower cost supplies.

Browse our franchise directory to get a firmer grip on plumbing franchise opportunities as a pipeline to creating your own successful business venture.

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