Metro Plumb Southampton celebrates International Women’s Day 2023

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Metro Plumb Southampton isn’t only focusing on delivering the best plumbing services in the UK. Recently, franchise owner Maisie StambolieBessa described how passionate she feels about the challenges women face when it comes to running a business. With the sector usually filled with male workers and management, she’s determined and has a point to prove as a female leader. 

The franchise delivers maintenance and repair services to household plumbing, with employees arriving in vans kitted out with equipment. Not only does the brand operate on service plans, but it also responds to emergency calls. The company is also recognised with membership in the Association of Plumbing + Heating. Metro Plumb Southampton is proud to have a female leader at the helm. 

Here is how Maisie feels about women in business from her perspective: 

“I'm so proud of myself, the perspective and influence I’m able to bring in as a successful female business owner, mother, and woman while appreciating what an incredible opportunity it has been to break into the plumbing world as a female leader.” 

Besides providing services, Metro Plumb also offers sound advice for households to follow to prevent any emergency situations, such as burst pipes and internal stop taps. With Maisie’s leadership skills as a business owner and mother, she’s ready to send her team out to help her clients at a moment’s notice. Also, she feels confident enough to also deliver advice to customers on preventing future reoccurrences of everyday plumbing issues. 

As you can see, the franchise has several leaders in management that are ready to step up to the plate. You can also deliver a community service with a smile in the repairs and maintenance industry. It’s as simple as starting your own Metro Plumb franchise with a low initial investment!

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