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Popeyes franchise

Love That Chicken from Popeyes

Popeyes proudly offers freshly prepared chicken that is 100% British, marinated for 12 hours, and hand-battered in buttermilk to create a unique shatter-crunch.

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About Popeyes

Popeyes US Fried Chicken Chain Enters the UK Market 

The American fast-food outlet Popeyes is taking the UK market by storm. Although they have already launched some Popeyes UK stores, those Brits that love Louisiana-style fried chicken will be excited to know they are adding more stores and drive-thrus for those who prefer their fried chicken on the go! 

In 2021 Popeyes UK enjoyed a successful launch in Stratford, East London, and opened another ten stores afterwards. When their Oxford store opened its doors, the eager fried chicken lovers queued since 5 am. 

Popeyes Franchise UK 

By the end of 2022, the Leicester, Brighton, and Liverpool branches will open, and the Parkgate Shopping Park in Rotherham is looking into their first drive-thru for the Popeyes UK franchise group. 

“It’s fantastic to see how well we are being received across the UK. Consumer demand has been high for a drive-thru ever since we landed in the UK, so it feels like a real milestone for us.” - Popeyes UK CEO Tom Crowley.  

“We’ve carefully planned our site acquisition strategy in line with where we’re seeing most customer demand, and it’s great to see it coming to life.” 

Popeyes confirmed in February 2023 that by adding a dark kitchen and another seven sites to the existing 17 locations, the group aims to open 350 UK franchises eventually. 

Popeyes UK Locations 

  • Liverpool 
  • Nottingham 
  • Oxford 
  • Gateshead 
  • Chelmsford 
  • Leicester 
  • Derby 
  • Brighton 
  • Cambridge 
  • Reading 


  • Ealing 
  • Westfield Stratford 
  • Romford 

London Delivery Kitchens 

  • Brent Cross 
  • Dulwich 
  • Whitechapel 
  • Maida Vale 
  • Battersea 
  • Bermondsey 

Opening Soon: UK Locations 

  • March: Cardiff 

To Be Announced: 

  • Barrhead
  • Richmond
  • Plymouth 
  • Norbury (Delivery Kitchen)
  • Rotherham (drive-thru) 

Master Franchise Business Model 

A franchise is a business that allows the franchisor to distribute services or products across more regions and outlets with smaller entities similar to that of a large chain to assist large companies in solving the geographical concerns raised.  

A master franchisor, in return, grants the franchisee third-party operation rights for the franchise within a designated territory. Alternatively, the subfranchisor will not operate or own the franchise but, concerning regional issues, will assume a franchisor’s role. 

The master franchise additionally allows the franchise permit holding company to benefit from more accessible capital and management talent. Franchisors allowed to specialise in training, screening, and recruiting subfranchisors to develop their area ensures the increase of the overall growth rate of chains. 

Is a Master Franchise for You? 

Before you get involved with a master franchise, consider the following first: 

  1. What will your financial and professional commitment be to the company? 
  2. You need to be a business-minded person to opt for a master franchise.  
  3. If you are only interested in one outlet, then a master franchise isn’t your option

Training and support provided

Popeyes Franchise Training 

Although based in the US, the training package is designed to support a franchisee with numerous essential skills covering the basics of running your own fried chicken franchise, including leadership skills, team orientations, and recruitment, to name a few. 

Popeyes franchise cost includes ongoing guidance and advice from fellow Popeyes members from the franchising network. As a franchisee, you can access the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen web portal, which offers a comprehensive company operations manual and training videos. 

The ideal Popeyes franchisee

What Are They Looking For in a Popeyes Franchisee? 

The ideal individual for a Popeyes franchise should have passion for the franchise’s ethos, with excellent business sense, and be a proficient communicator. Qualities would include:  

  • A capable team leader 
  • A people person with a positive attitude toward service 
  • Excellent communication skills 

Popeyes' history

Popeyes Franchise History 

Al Copeland founded Popeyes in 1972 to introduce flavoursome southern bites. Before entering the Popeyes Franchise UK market, it was an American-favored fried chicken franchise that built its success on inspired by local inspired tastes. 

While it has taken some time for Popeyes to launch its franchise in the UK, it has finally arrived for new franchisees to invest and become part of the fried chicken business. Popeyes franchise UK is looking for franchisees with determination, know-how, and skills who are considering a new career opportunity in the fried chicken industry.